Will power in Medicine Wheel Teachings

This particular topic is a most interesting discovery and learning curve. I used it to strengthen my dedication to heal my Black Road experiences. When/if you're ready to commit dedicated time, energy, effort and work, the knowledge is available to you.

Learning what my will power is, is the most interesting and rewarding learning curve of understanding. It's like digging for gold because every 2-legged starts at the surface to mine the depths of their own experience.

Your 'return' is a Life of deliberate choices supported by authentic feelings of happiness inside the heart, and the widest scope possible of self-knowledge. It's timely too, and changes just as you change. In other words its Life-long learning about your most intriguing subject: you!

Here's but one 'mining of understanding' I gleaned: Because you control when you start and stop its then bearable to think of this effort as the best way to meet your own self, the real you. I found writing to be one of many good ways to accept myself, warts and all!

Creator’s Gift to You

Every Being is created with will power

Its our Creator-given gift

Nothing and no one can take it away

It can't be given away

It's the center

Of every Spirit's 'Being'

It's Magic

I came to understand that Creator gifted us this incredible magic to entice and drive us to Respect our own Truth, Healing, Behavior, Feelings, Actions, Choices, Learning, Knowledge, Integrity, Balance, Happiness, Growth, Creativity, Gentleness, Respect, Love, Discipline, Caring, Safety, Vision, Compassion, Charity. You know, all the free and good magic of conscience that's readily available to every 2-Legged on Mother Earth to stake claim to! (You may or may not know, us 2-Legged's are also known as 'humans.')

Its dynamic

Our will power makes each of us, unique. Its where our Spirit's feelings and thoughts meet to interact with every situation that we experience. Our entire Life is about internal and external change. Regardless of the constant change, medicine wheel teachings of will power, helps to heal even the most hidden parts that were gathered from negative experiences at any point in our Life journey.

Look to the Medicine Wheel’s center

In the diagram below, look at the very center to see the word 'Will.'

See how small it is? It appears insignificant so is easy to overlook. Yet it’s our Spirit's foundation. Everything else surrounds it...every experience.

life awareness,


I started my journey into medicine wheel teachings will power, with Clearance about my Black Road journey and you can too. I thought of it as a department store 'Fire Sale!' My first challenge was to track my thoughts, feelings, words and behaviors. Its an inside job! I tracked my thoughts and changed them. I cleared away out-of-date and counter-productive thoughts, emotional, feeling and behavior patterns. In other words, I notice and discard them to make spiritual and emotional space for those that serve me better.

A useful acceptable and do-able step I found was to write to myself and describe my experiences, thoughts and feelings with my focus on my Black Road. Yup! That's the first step! Over a period of a couple of months, I wrote down everything that popped into my head! I used my will power to get through this part and you can too...

Throughout the clearance step I found that understanding the Medicine wheel teachings of will power helpful to my sense of worthiness. It's a path to understanding and takes the best kind of dedicated work. I did it. Countless many others have too. Will you join us?

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