Web of Life News,
and Your Commentary

Web of Life News and Your Commentary

"Whatever befalls the Earth,

befalls the children of the earth…

…whatever we do to the Web,

We do ourselves."

Famous Excerpt from Chief Seatlth, 19th Century.

Web of Life News pulls together global reports from credible news bureaus about

  • Current events of Mother Earth's, and our, family of Beings
  • Social, economic, and political action to our global culture, as it happens

Articles are from national and international news bureaus: Reuters, BBC, CBC, ABC, Forbes, AFP, Xinhua, Turkish Weekly, etc. And that’s not all…

You’re invited to ‘have your say’

Yes, you! Why? Well, you already know how compelling, riveting, thrilling and frightening as our instantaneous global news is. And you know that as seamless as watching video news clips and reading web page articles are, it’s a passive activity! That’s not a new WWW experience, right? So let’s do something different... To start with, you’re already part of our Web of Life News just because you’re above ground, pumping air and are connected to our Worldwide web…What can I Report about, you may ask?

How about your own news

What is the state of our Mother Earth’s Web of Life right where you are this minute? Water? Air? Land? Trees? 4-legged animals? Winged Ones? Ocean Dwellers?

And! Even make your own comment

Yes really! Make your own comment on the news events that you read here. Give it a go!...

What’s the easiest way to keep up?

As you may or may not know, for the first time in our collective history our two-legged family across our Mother Earth are a globally unified, liberating and democratizing force of political empowerment, thanks to our world wide web! Do you want to keep up with the rest of your ‘family of Beings’ on Mother Earth? Yes? Then subscribe to the RSS feed (scroll up, look to the top left corner. See the 'RSS' button? Click on the ‘?’ and follow the steps). And/or bookmark this page in your Browser’s ‘Favorites’ and check in to your ‘Web of Life News’ whenever you want and feel like it and don't forget to add your own experiences, opinions and Life happenings!

Web Of Life News

Web of Life News is from credible global news bureaus. Enjoy!

Do you have a 'Web of Life' Story or Commentary?

Share your news and views right here! Add your own news of importance and/or add your comments about what you've read on our 'Headline News.'

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