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Star beings relational distance to our Mother Earth is that of cousins. In the context of our solar system they are Mother Earth’s, and therefore our, cousins

Star Beings twinkle silently into our view every night without fail in our heavenly cosmos. On a clear cloudless night we first see the brightest of the stars. On a yearly schedule we can see shooting meteor shows and then, there are true supersonic shooting stars, like this. Click the arrowhead inside the screen below and watch.

Our Dynamic Heavens

Revealed to our naked eye is a glittering spectacle of other worlds that throb steadily from east to west as Mother Earth spins endlessly along her given path around our GrandFather Sun.

It's great to just watch of course. Then…it’s easy to see our Star Being's clusters of families and patterns that make up their own universes' and galaxy's.

Getting started to watch what we can see of our heavens is a simple, exciting and safe hobby and past time. After awhile don’t be in the least bit surprised if you just 'happen' to find yourself in search of:

  • A helpful Astronomy Star Chart

  • A detailed moon map is useful too

  • Quality strength astronomy binoculars are the best

  • A red-beam flashlight to protect your night-vision so writing is uninterrupted
  • Up-grades to state-of-the-art telescopes
  • Across Mother Earth there are planetariums with astronomical shows too

It's fun to meet other interesting (Cos)Mos-Geeks! Just remember to be safe and trust your instincts!

But really, we don’t need any equipment at all to watch our hourly changing night sky. We can feast our eyes on their wondrous beauty and magic regardless. And then, their constant presence tickles our imaginings even during our turn in GrandFather Sun’s blessing of gentle life-supporting daylight as we take our intention to our humble, daily lives.

Night and day have their own creatures and style of universal Life-magic. So, just cause we can’t see them during the day doesn’t mean our star cousins go away. Our universal family of Star Beings have always been and continue to be fully active, doing their own dance of Life!

Star Beings galactic shows

Throughout our calendar year there are ‘falling star’ shows, other phrases you'll hear are 'shooting stars,' or 'shooting meteors.’

During these star show-times and on a clear night from anywhere on Mother Earth our interest is peaked to the max to watch our star cousins galactic shows. This little gadget really helps:

Our month of August is a good time cause our kids (and grandkids) are home from school.

It's possible to spark and tickle our young ones interest with encouragement and guidance. How so? If it’s your first time to dream on star-gazing, how about a couple of age-appropriate books?

Be ready

When you have a great night-view from your patio or porch and not too far from your home it’s easier to plan for creature comforts. Getting ready is like a mini-campout… How's that?

Well, first off, if you’re planning on watching our heavens from a mountaintop, have a guard dog. You just never know what lurks in the dark. Besides a guard dog, bring a trusted friend.

Safety aside, when I’m not far from home, I like to be able to both sit for a spell then lie down, that's way more comfy for my achy bones. Lying down on an air mattress or even an old couch is good. Ah yes... Up this way on Mother Earth, it get’s cool and damp outside right after GrandFather Sun leaves. I like a warm jacket, a light sweater and even a small pillow or two nearby. I also like a big thermos of piping hot herbal tea. Other folks like snacks of fruits, cut-up veggies, etc., that they pack up in a camp ice-chest. You know to keep the lid closed tight and to snack in your car so hungry wild four-legged’s (animals) don’t race you for your food, right?

As good as it gets

Sharing the magic of watching our solar system with family and friends, is precious. Shared interest and excitement sparks tender respectful conversation. That’s the best of what our short Life is all about, don’t you think?

Most times though as we watch, we vacillate between quiet and then chatting each others up real good. It’s a natural ebb and flow.

As I watch our Star Being’s galactic exhibition my thoughts are tickled into awareness that we two-legged’s are shown and taught all over, again and again, night after night, that our greatest works and understandings are miniscule in the midst of our cosmos.

In Native American ceremonial teachings this awareness of unending vastness to other worlds is referred to as our ‘Universal Mystery.’

Star Being Studies

Our cousins initiated the joys of study in
  • theoretical and observational Astronomy
  • theoretical and observational Astrology

Star Beings Evening Prayer

Thank you Creator for gifting us with awareness of our cousins the Stars

Thank you Star Beings for

Sparking two-legged’s to spiritual universal awareness

For dreaming us awake to other galaxies

For your teachings to bring us two-legged's (humans) to conscience

Oh-Ho! All my relations

Star Being knowledge rises to global conscience for sharing to awareness

Here’s a few interesting Native American Cosmology and Hopi book titles for you. When a book title commands your interest, place your computer mouse at the bottom center at that image (and for others too) and the item, customer review, and price will come up for you. And when you’re ready to purchase, you’ll be taken to Amazon. Enjoy!

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