Our dynamic heavens of star-beings

Star-beings twinkle silently into our view every night without fail in our heavenly cosmos. On a clear cloudless night we first see the brightest of the stars. And then, there are true supersonic fire beings like this. Click link to see the biggest fastest moving star-being.

Mira a true shooting star-being:

Although helpful we don’t need any equipment at all to watch our changing night sky. We can feast our eyes on their wondrous beauty and magic regardless. And then, their constant presence enchants our imaginings even during our turn in GrandFather Sun’s blessing of gentle life-supporting daylight as we take our intention to our humble daily lives. So just cause we can’t see comets during the day doesn’t mean our cousins go away. Shooting stars have always been and continue to be fully active to their own dance of Life!

Star beings family relational distance to our Mother Earth is that of cousins. In the context of our solar system they are Mother Earth’s and therefore our, cousins

Star-beings annual galactic shows

Throughout our calendar year there are galactic shows. Other phrases you'll hear are 'shooting stars,' 'shooting meteors,’ or ‘meteor bursts’ On a clear night from anywhere on Mother Earth during our calendar year our interest is peaked to the max to watch. Click link to see a list of yearly star-beings shows:

Universal Mystery

It is downright magical to watch our solar system with interested family and friends to emotional connection in conversation. As I watch with my good heart-chums our conversation vacillates in a natural ebb and flow. That’s the best of our short walk on Mother Earth is all about, don’t you think?

My own thoughts are thrilled to awareness that we two-legged’s are shown and taught again and again, night after night, that our greatest works and understandings are miniscule in the midst our cosmos. In First Nations/Native American ceremonial teachings this particular awareness of unending vastness to other worlds is referred to as our ‘Universal Mystery.’ Click below link to watch a newly discovered and biggest star-being to date:

Star-being Studies

Our cousins initiated the joys to studies in
  • theoretical and observational Astronomy
  • theoretical and observational Astrology

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