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  • NIKOLA TESLA Here's the story of an ethical inventor named Nikola Tesla who’s inventions benefit you even today. This web page is linked to GrandFather Sun.
  • MY NICHE This is my personal story about how I got my 'Niche.' This page is linked to My SBI Story.
  • FREE eBOOKS This is free e-Commerce Training at its best to give you credible reliable info to run your own successful home business on our Internet. I hope it can help you, your family and friends. Oh yes, this webpage links to My SBI! Story..
  • RECIPE FOR HAPPINESS Here are humble and hopefully useful suggestions that helped me, and just maybe you’ll find it interesting too. This page is linked to Sitemap and the Blog.


I didn’t get interested in true real-Life Love stories until I was in my late fifties. But it didn’t start until I actually challenged myself to read any romance pocketbooks I could get my hands on…Goodness! There’s lots of them! Different genres too! I discovered that when I just happened to mention to my women friends that I’ve started reading romance pocketbooks, I don’t know why but I was so astonished when all of them responded along these lines, “Oh! You have to read a murder-romance series first, they’re the best! Real drama!” So I read a few of their suggestions then I just read different genres. Then I read books about how to write romance stories, why it’s a huge big industry! I even found out that men write love stories under a woman’s name…yeah! Us women can’t have a monopoly on all the literary fantasies I guess. You know what else? I found that I really admired the women editors in the book industry who set the bar, the standard, about the stereotypes that are acceptable and not acceptable. Yup! What fun! Then! My women friends started sharing how they met their mates. It’s so great! And I outright asked women to share their Romancing-to-Love story… Oooo! Riveting stuff!

These 'Romancing to Love' stories are linked to GrandMother Moon. When you finish reading each page you’ll see a link ‘’Continue to….’ at the bottom of the page. Click on it... And at each story's very last page (for instance, page 10 at Phyllis’ Love story and page 6 for Delores’ Love story) where you're invited to add your own Love story or comment.


The world languages page offers Solo Build It! (SBI) information in our major world languages. And of course you can visit them from here too.

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