My romancing phyllis-10, is the last page of my parents true 'Romancing to Love' story and continues from Page 9.

By sharing their youthful spark of Love about how they got together my parents rounded out my awareness of them and the profound changes we went through together as a family. Of course change is obvious in hindsight. My parents romancing story is the important segment for me to know as it helps me to see them at the start of their life together. Thanks for reading my romancing phyllis-10 story all the way through. Now scroll down this page and share yours too...

By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Continued from Romancing Phyllis 09

“I loved our big fancy house! From my bedroom window I could see down our ocean channel and watch the seine boats and the gill-net boats coming home. That was big excitement! I remember we weren’t allowed down to our landing dock when the boats came in.

So when the boats landed and tied up, we watched the families from different villages pile off their boat onto our dock.

I remember we’d guess at who we could recognize and argue back and forth about it.

It seemed to take for--ever for that exciting cloud of people to get to the foot of our dock! When they did reach the foot of our dock we’d wait so anxiously to see in which direction they’d walk. We practically held our breath to see if they'd come up our hill to our home! And when they did! Oh My! Oh! My! Our house was a flurry of activity!

‘They’re coming! They’re coming here! Fill up the teapot! You kids pick up all your toys! Put your boots away! Bring in more wood! Take this big bowl downstairs and fill it up with chixwa (wild sour crab-apples) from the barrel downstairs! Clear off the table!” I say in Mom's voice, totally caught up in my childhood excitement...

“We had the best spot on the hill,” Mom says in a big sigh from a happy smile.

“Yeah! We sure did! And! I loved all those the summers traveling all over our traditional homelands on McGinty, from early spring into late fall to get our foods and swim on our different beaches and soak all day in our mineral hot springs, and dig cockles at Monkey Beach! And dig clams and pick berries too! I remember we used to meet up with our cousins and their parents on their boat. We'd tie our boats together for a couple of days. We used to love jumping overboard into our ocean! We swam until our lips turned blue and we couldn't stop shivering! We slept in our bathing suits so we could jump overboard soon as we woke up!” I say.

Mom and Dad both smile at me as I continue, "I remember when you woke us up in the middle of the night Dad! GrandMother Moon was so huge! You made us put our feet into the green shiny water. And when we pulled our feet out, they were shiny green too! Remember how freaked out Judy and I were? We thought our feet would rot right off! Remember that?"

In unison, Mom and Dad laugh out loud! I join in as they start talking at the same time, "Yeah! Yeah! I remember that! You girls wouldn't stop crying! We had to bribe you with food to get you to stop crying! It wasn't until we wiped your feet off that you both stopped crying. That was so funny!" ...

From our outburst of laughter, suddenly we're quiet each totally adrift in our own brand of memories.

I look at them and smile.

“Hmmm,” I say with a smile as I nod my head at them both.

We're grinning ear-to-ear at each other.

“Them were the days all right! Hey Mom?” Dad says softly, smiling at Mom.

Mom says softly, smiling back, “Yes Dear...Yes, they were...Those were our days all right.”

Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

When the moment is over I say, “I’ll do the dishes!”

Mom gets up from the table saying, “Come on Dad! Grab your seeds! We’re going to the garden!” Dad jumps up from the kitchen table saying as he races to the big dining room table to grab his bag of seeds, "Wait up!" as Mom heads out the back door.

He rushes past me with a big grin. Then he's out the door after Mom. They trudge down their back steps, chatting and laughing.

I stand on their back porch to watch them. I love them so.

Now they're inside the garden. I hear Mom ordering Dad about.

“No, no! I want that over there because its too tall. When it grows it cuts off all the sunlight. Put the short ones in that row over there,” she says to him as he willingly complies.

As I watch them, my heart smiles as I think, “I’ll just bet those are going to be flowers!” They're totally engrossed in their usual summer activity of gardening. I turn and go inside to clean up Mom’s kitchen and do our dishes.

Closure to romancing phyllis-10

My parents returned to our Spirit-world. Dad went first. Then Mom. Together they gave me the breath of life. I thank them. And in the short walk we shared together on Mother Earth we made memories, happy and sad. They’re alive in my heart and memory. I cherish them. Warts and all. End of romancing phyllis-10 story...not of Romancing!

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