My story of romancing phyllis-08, is Page 8 of 10 and continues from Page 7. It's about how I learned of my parents youthful Romancing.

Along the way, I discovered that shared memories of our past glue our present together. The truth in shared memories bring magic. Magic sparks Love.

And, here's how their life-time of learning new things together got started...

By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Continued from romancing phyllis-07

Dad adds in a warm tone of memory, “Yeah! He was our village announcer. Old Jeppley!”

I smile at Dad and catch Mom looking at me, “How did you ask Dad?” I ask her.

Mom says, “All us young women knew there was a shortage of young men for us in our village. So, as soon as I heard Old Jeppley’s announcement I marched right over to our Co-op Store. Your dad worked there. He looked after ordering. He took care of the books.”

“Yeah! You sure meant business!” Dad says with a big grin at Mom.

Dad turns to look at me, “I could tell it was something real serious by the way she walked in. So I was all ears!”

Dad looks at Mom, “Then your Mama asked me, 'Did you hear Old Jeppley’s announcement?'”

Mom said smiling softly at Dad, “You said, “I heard him!””

Dad looks at me, “She said,” he turns to look at Mom, "‘Will you be my Halloween partner?’”

They look into each others eyes. i see their bright twinkle of shared memory dance alive between them. Mom says ever so softly, “And you said, “I’d love to!””

Without taking his eyes from her, Dad says in the same soft tone, “We spent all summer together after that," he turns to me with big happy grin, "then we got married!”

“How did you propose?” I ask Dad.

He blinks his eyes hard as he looks at me, “Well, by this time Mom is pregnant with Judy (my older sister). So we wanted to get married right away. We talked it over and agreed to borrow Huksumalic’s (his paternal great-grandmother) gold wedding ring that was made for her out of those gold coins our women used to keep. They'd save the gold coins and have our own jewelry carvers make whatever they wanted, like gold rings, gold bracelets, gold stick-pins and gold broaches. She was our village and Clan Matriarch so her ring had our Beaver Clan design on it.

We asked our good friends to be our witnesses, Ed Smith stood up for me. And Rhoda Williams, Mom's best friend in residential school stood up for her. There was just the four us.

For four years after our wedding, your Mama saved up our money and we bought our own wedding ring for her. We lived with your Ba-ba-Oh Mike (my maternal grandfather, Mom’s Dad) for five years after we got married. That’s how it was done in those days.”

“But Dad. From the time you were born our Elders arranged for who you were to marry when you grew up. How did you get out of that?” I ask.

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