Romancing Phyllis-06 is Page 6 of 10. It’s my story about how I learned of my parents youthful Romancing.

This story unfolds in Mom's kitchen. One question sets sparks flying!

By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
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Dad walks to the big cupboard and takes out a dinner plate then pulls open the drawer to get a fork and steak knife. At the oven he takes out a big red potato that's baked til the skin is crunchy, just the way he like it! He squeezes it real hard to make the center soft then plunks it onto his dinner plate. He puts the charred steak onto his plate. At the table he sits down in his favorite spot against the wall, underneath the small round kitchen wall clock.

Dad fishes around in his pants pocket, pulls out his bottom teeth, opens his mouth and quickly pops them into place. He concentrates on eating and glances at me then Mom and smiles. He's happy.

I wait for him to eat most of his meal then ask, “What have you been up to Dad?”

He looks at me replying, “I’m getting our garden ready!” he says with a smile in his voice.

“I told you already! I don’t want a big garden! There’s only two of us! We only need a short row of a couple of veggies! We have lots of frozen and canned veggies from last year! And the year before that! And you’re not planting rows and rows of your damn flowers again neither!” Mom says in a loud voice looking at him, a definite challenge in her eyes.

Dad raises his voice to match hers and adds a tone of defiance, “I already mixed in the compost! Everything’s all ready! I’m planting all my seeds!”

Mom raises her voice even louder adding a tone of impatient anger, “I’m the one doing all the weeding! I’m the one doing all the picking, freezing, canning! I’m tired of it! And you’re not planting any more damn flowers! They just make even more weeding work for me!”

Again, Dad matches her tone, “We can give away all the extra we don’t use! I just want to plant!”

“You say that every year! And every day all summer long I wind up weeding for hours!” Mom outright hollers at him this time!

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Mom in her garden

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