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Romancing Phyllis-01 story came out into the light of day when I stopped at my parents home on my return trip from my annual pilgrimage to sacred Eagle-Ghost Sun-dance ceremony. Romancing Phyllis-01 is Part 01 of 10 to my parents Romancing to Love story.

This is my story about how I learned of my parents young years of Romancing. The photo above was taken before I learned how they got together. Mom is 68 and Dad is 72 years old and they're entering our community hall for their 50th Wedding Anniversary community dinner. Wedding Anniversaries are extended family and X'aisla First Nation community celebrations. As their story progresses you'll see that it's their first public Wedding celebration...

By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Romancing Phyllis-01 story wasn't anywhere in my awareness during the last leg of my drive. I'm caught up in what I need to do to get home safely.

Today is my fifth day of driving. I’m on my home stretch now! For all my years of travel to and from sacred Sun Dance ceremony, I keep to the same driving pattern:

  • Drive for a couple of hours

  • Pull into a rest stop for a twenty minute nap

  • Wake up, find the washroom

  • Back beside my truck I do my gentle body stretches

  • Take deep breaths while I admire Mother Earth

  • Say a prayer of thanks

  • Hop in and keep moving!

Of course, I have the motor and tires checked out a week before leaving and then again when I return. That keeps my worry to a tolerable level…

I like night-driving. Traffic is mostly b-train flat-deck trucks loaded with slaughtered trees. Like the loaded b-trains I'm on the move for four nights and five days in a row. It’s seven a.m. Highway traffic is increasing.

I pull into the LeJac Auto Body gas pump to fill up and to call Mom. I’m the only vehicle at the gas pump. I wait. No one comes out. I get out and go through the unlocked front door.

Inside is a heavy smell of thick auto-grease.

I call out, “Anyone here?”

A man’s voice answers, “I’m in the shop! Do you want gas?”

I follow the voice through the double wide doors. A set of legs in dark blue coveralls that's thick with black grease sticks out from under the front end of a car. Even his heavy work-boots are covered in auto-grease.

“Yes please! And check my tires, motor and transmission oils and my windshield washer too, ok?” I say.

“Sure thing! I’ll be right out!”

“Alright! Can I use your phone?”

“It’s behind the counter. Help yourself,” he says.

"Thanks!" I say and at the phone I dial Mom’s number. She picks up the phone half-way through the first ring!

“Hi Mom!” I say.

“I knew it was you! We were just talking about you! Where are you?” she asks.

"I just pulled into LeJac to gas up! I'm going to stop to rest along the way and stop for gas again at Gitwanga. I expect to get there around noon or so," I say.

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