My story about romancing doreen-06, is Page 6 of 6, the last page of Doreen MacKenzie's 'Romancing to Love' story. The events she shares happened when she was in her twenties, she's ninety-five years old when she shares her Love story with me. I am so grateful and I hope it makes your heart sing, as it did mine.

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By Tsa-me-gahl
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Continued from Romancing Doreen 05

Suddenly, an old man comes walking down the path towards us. As he walks he looks at us but doesn't say anything. Then he stops right in front of us! He stares real hard first at Doug, then at me. He lifts up his eyebrows, scrunches up his lips real hard and pulls down the corners. The whole time, he’s slowly shaking his head back and forth. Like he can't believe his eyes! Like we’re hopeless nin-compoops! Then he turns away.

We watch him walk down the trail.I feel our laughter building up. As soon as he disappears around a bend we bust right out laughing! We can’t stop! Even as tears pour down our cheeks! My cheeks hurt from our laughing. That was such a good laugh!

Hmmm. I remember it now and even how good it felt. Yet I really can’t think of what was so funny.

Anyhow, it takes us a good hour to haul the deer into the basement of my cottage. Doug calls his two brothers to come help him with the butchering. They arrive with saws, axes, freezer paper, tape and a thick black pencil. When they're done cutting, chopping, sawing and wrapping, everything is labelled. They take most of it! I'm so annoyed about that because I want to jar-up the meat for me and my babies! They leave me only a couple of small steaks and a small roast! I got over it though.

We go for more long walks in the woods together. And each time, we go down a different trail. Doug never brings his grandpa's gun along again!

As we walk along, we talk up a storm and laugh like we’re plum crazy! Then suddenly we get all quiet...Then, we'd talk up a storm again...and laugh real hard again. Then we get all quiet again. That's how it was with us right up until he left.

He was asleep in bed beside me when he left us. I woke up cause I felt something was wrong. He wasn't breathing.

It’s been a long time now. I still see him the way he was when we first met.

We had a hard life because of what the war did to him. He used to have real bad frightening nightmares. I couldn’t help him with those. That part was hard for me and our kids too.

Don’t get me wrong! We had lots of good times together and fun times too!

He was a good man. We had two kids of our own. He loved our family. Now we have grand-kids and great grand-kids. There’s even one now in England! He’d sure love them. I know he would.”

"Yes, of course he would. Did you marry?" I ask Doreen.

"Oh yes! He came to my place one day and we just sat outside on my front porch.

He was quiet for a time and didn't look at me as he said, "People are going to talk about us."

"Why?" I ask. Then, he turns to look at me.

"Because we spend so much time together. We better get married," he says.

"Alright," I say happily.

We didn't wait. We married and lived at his farm.

"I sure Loved him," Doreen says with a heart-sigh.

She gets up and goes into her kitchen saying, "Let me check our tea water! Oh my goodness! I forgot to turn it on!"”


Several days after Doreen shared her romance magic, we're having a cup of tea.

I say to Doreen, “Thank you for sharing your 'Romancing to Love' story. I believe our Mother Earth needs more caring and Romancing from all of humanity. Even all two-legged's need more caring and romancing in their daily lives too. So I made a part on my website where I invite folks to share their true Romance stories. Do you mind if I share your 'Romancing to Love' story on my website?”

“Oh sure! Go right ahead! I don’t care! It sounds like it's all lies anyway!” she says with a big grin, even as she smiles.

I reply, "Yes, it's hard to believe that good and happy things happen in our violent world. Yet they do. Your story may help others not to give up."

"That's a real good idea!" she says, eyes twinkling and framed with a big smile.

The end of romancing doreen-06, not of Romancing. Right?

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