My story about romancing doreen-05, is Page 5 of 6. It's about how I learned of my sweet neighbor's true-to-life, Romancing to Love story.

By Tsa-me-gahl
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Continued from romancing doreen-04

Right away Doug stands right up! He has such a hard look on his face! He points his gun high in the air and closes his eyes. And that gun is so heavy it weights his arm down when he pulls the trigger. He shoots the deer! He opens his eyes…

He throws his gun to the ground as he runs real fast, hollering in shock the whole time, "Oh No! Oh No! Please! No! Nooo! Oh No! No, God, NO!" He's hollering by now and I run right behind him to the dead deer too!

He falls to his knees beside the dead doe! I kneel down right beside him! He puts his hands on its shoulder. I put my hands on the doe too!

He bawls his heart out! I cry hard right along with him! In between his heart-broken sobs he looks at me.

He says, "I didn't mean to kill it! I didn't want to kill it! I was trying to save it!...Really!...I was! I was trying to scare off the dog! You saw!"

"I know. I know. I know you did. I saw. I did," I say in between my own sobs.

And then, we cry even harder! After awhile we both stop bawling our hearts and eyes out.

In a tone of heavy sadness Doug says, " sense letting it go to waste. I'll clean it up."

His eyes are so sad. He doesn’t talk as he guts it. Then, he gets up and goes to the woods. I hear him cracking branches from the big trees. Then he comes back with a pole.

He puts the doe's legs together, cuts a chunk of it's skin and ties its legs together so the pole is in between.

He lifts the pole up and with heavy eyes, he places one end on my shoulder. He places the other end on his shoulder.

"Ready?" he asks in a dull voice.

"Yes," I say and we start walking.

We carry it like that, down the trail heading back to my place.

We're almost halfway and stop to rest with the deer between us in a patch of wild grass.

Suddenly, black heavy clouds fill the blue sky. Thunder-claps are close, fast and loud. We watch the long ziz-zag bolts of lightening one after another.

In seconds it pours buckets! We're sopping wet! Soaked to the skin!

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