My story about romancing doreen-04, is Page 4 of 6. It's about how I learned of my sweet neighbor's Romancing to Love story. I hear the excitement in her voice even today, as she remembers their first date that happened many decades ago, and her reaction.

By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

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“Doug says, "Do you want to go riding with me?"

Those were his second words to me! I just nod my head and hear my own squeaky voice, "Sure!" That's how he asks for our first date!

Then he says, "I'll stop by in a couple of days."

I just nod my head again and make my mouth say, "Alright," and it comes out of me in a whisper.

He smiles at me real hard. He turns his horse. They ride off.

I continue my walk to town. I buy what I need for my babies. I stop at a friends place to ask if she can come and stay with my girls so I can go on a date. She agrees. She walks home with me.

And he does stop by! We don't go riding though. Instead, we go for a walk in the woods.

There are lots of nice walking trails through the woods. The woods are full of evergreen trees. The walking trails are cut through the thick underbrush. It's so beautiful!

There are wild flowers in every color you can imagine, their perfume wafts in the breeze. There are wild berries. Along the way we stop to pick and eat berries.

The birds sing so loud! They take turns singing. Then, they all bust out singing together! Like the forest is filled with a big orchestra that we can't see!

Oh! The smell! The smell of the forest!

As we walk slowly back, he picks me a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers.

That was our first date. I sure had fun. I think he did too because he smiled at me a lot. As soon as I got inside, I put his flowers into an empty canning jar and placed it in the middle of my little kitchen table. Every time I looked at it, I remembered our walk in the woods.

The next time he comes by he didn't stay long. We sat outside together, with my babies, on my little porch. He smiles at my girls a lot too. That makes me feel good.

As he leaves he says, "Would you like to go hunting with me?"

I smile back at him and say, “I’d love to!” and my voice doesn't go all funny!

That was our second date! Oh! My! What a date that was!

My friend watched my girls while we went out for the afternoon.

Doug carries a gun that he got from his grandfather who was in the First World War. A big long heavy thing!

He walks with the firing end over his shoulder and he holds onto the other end.

We walk down the nearest trail into the woods. When we get tired we sit under a big cedar tree to lean against its trunk to rest.

Suddenly we hear a dog barking real loud, off in the distance, yet not too far away. In a few minutes we hear bushes cracking! As the noise comes closer the barking is louder. Its coming close to where we're sitting!

We watch to see what will run out of the bushes in a small clearing in front of us!

The doe comes racing out first! A big dog is kiyi-ing and snapping at her heels! My goodness! Her eyes are bulging in fright! Poor thing….

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