My story of romancing doreen-03 is Page 3 of 6. It's about how I learned of my sweet neighbor's Romancing to Love story.

By Tsa-me-gahl
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

Continued from romancing doreen-02

Doreen crinkles her face lightly into a lop-sided, soft heart-achy almost-smile as she looks through the coffee table and slips away, into her memory. She’s there, I can see it. I wait. A few seconds and she's back!

With an intense happy glean she blinks her eyes hard as she looks at me, like she’s startled. Then, she re-connects to her story and continues.

"One day as I walk past, I see him in front of his barn. He's helping a heavy set very wide young German-looking woman. He's pushing her up from behind into the saddle. I stop to watch.

Suddenly the young woman’s feet stick quick-like up in the air as she flies plumb over to the other side of the horse and disappears! She in a heap on the ground! I see Doug’s mouth open in shock! He races around to the other side of the horse! As I watch, I run over fast as I can across the field! I push and drag my baby carriage! I want to see if the young woman is hurt! Maybe I can help!

Now I'm near them. I see his eyebrows pulled tight together and down in a deep frown. His face is a real deep purple! And! His shoulders jiggle up and down as he holds his breath in, in his effort to hold back his laughter! He looks like he's going to just bust!

Suddenly they're both laughing hysterically! I join right in and laugh right along with them!

You should have heard those horses snorting at us! Like they were laughing too! I think we were all so relieved that she didn't break her neck!

We settle down from all our laughing.

As he hands me the reins to her horse so he can use both his hands to help her back into the saddle, he looks right into my eyes and says, “Don't let go of this."

Those were his first words to me! I just nod my head. This time he doesn't push her so hard and she's in the saddle now. He takes the reins from me and hands them to her. Then he hops up onto his own saddle.

Just before they ride off he turns his horse towards me and looks right at me again.

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