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By Tsa-me-gahl.
X’aisla Rainforest, Kitamaat, Canada
Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way

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A white table telephone with big black numbers, a small clear glass bowl is half-full of hard candy, four Harlequin romance pocket books and three hard cover books are scattered on a narrow coffee table between us.

"What do you do?" Doreen asks as she tucks a folded felt blanket around her knees and legs.

"I adore hearing folks' romance love stories. Would you mind sharing yours with me?" I ask her.

"Oh! I don't know that it's very romantic! But I'll tell you about my second husband. I really loved him," she says, her eyes twinkling in a happy smile.

I lean forward in her arm chair. I smile hard. I nod my head hard up and down to encourage her. She looks at me then looks through the coffee table with a little frown.

"I was in my twenties. Was it? No wait. Maybe it was thirties. No, no. No, I still had my nice long red hair. So it must have been twenties. OK then. That’s what it was.

I left my first husband.

My little cottage I moved into is on the outskirts of a small town in Nova Scotia in a farming area, you know. My two baby girls and I live there.

When I need groceries I walk to the small village. I push my babies in a big old baby carriage, those old fashioned ones with the big wheels. It's a good hour's walk on the dirt road.

Along the way and not too far from my place, I pass a small house that’s set back a bit from the road. Behind the house there’s a horse-riding stable in the field.

The place is owned by a shy war vet named Doug. He's five years younger than me. Some days he pulls his kitchen curtains to one side and peeks at me as I walk past his place. He doesn’t wave or come out to say ‘Hi’ or anything like that. I feel him watching me.

All kinds of folks pay him to ride his horses. Oh my! How he loves horses!" This is her biggest smile yet! Doreen looks at me. I smile at her and nod my head to encourage her to keep going.

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