Recipe for Happiness

My Recipe for Happiness is to step towards my vision for my Life which is to make my heart feel truly happy. Here are a few guideposts that I found helpful. Take what you need and leave the rest.

  • Achievement
Two-legged’s challenge themselves to seek out different worlds of understanding, to open their imagination to walk each day in the safest yet most daring way to the best dreams and goals for the most creative Life. We take pleasure in reaching chosen visions, dreams and goals. We appreciate each daily struggle to stay focused. We break visions into large goals then into small sets of daily goals. We grasp the greatest joy of happiness for each achievement.

  • Activity
Two-legged’s keep busy and happy when creating positive visions for our short walk of Life on Mother Earth. There's lots to interfere. For instance, watching TV for hours, days, weeks, months even years. Or endless surfing on the internet without direction, etc. The opposite of course is positive visioning with intent for spiritual, mental, physical and mental activity that leaves no time for moping, self-pity, sadness. Creative visioning adds keen deep and clear sparks of interest and broadens social circles to grow new interests and different kinds of happiness.

  • Caring
Two-legged’s who plan to make the effort to be humane by caring for other Beings usually feel good to be useful and of service. Caring for other Beings grows compassion and empathy. Helping others who need help without expecting anything in return is one path to feel good inside the heart. And caring enough to put your loved ones safety and happiness, at least doubles, the return of happiness. Even small action interrupts worry.

  • Contented
Two-legged’s not bothered by the past nor the future can be content in the present moment. Contentedness invites the grace of calm. Calmness is contagious.

  • Gratitude
Two-legged’s who're grateful for their lot in life and share their gratitude towards others for what they receive, be it safety, friendship, a shared struggle or celebration. Shared ceremony, like a smudge, calms the spirit.

  • Humour
We laugh, especially at ourselves, to appreciate our fragile human condition. Normal laughter lightens and lifts heavy emotional clouds. Laughter sparks and bounces from person to person to acknowledges spiritual connection. Its an open invitation, to laugh at your own self as well.

  • Integrity
Is having the clarity, strength and dedication to be your true self. When that happens? You're in spiritual alignment! Honor your true self, and you'll attract chums, mates, and friends in the same vibration.

  • Optimism
Even in the face of a negative past and all possible odds, optimistic two-legged’s make a path and call up the best from the universe and Creator.

Your Recipe for Happiness is unique to yourself. My Guideposts are meant as a start. Expect and create your own intimate dream for your Life. Make your own 'Recipe for Happiness!'

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