Plants in Native American ceremony teachings

Organic natural wild plants are harvested by Native Americans for different uses, for example for ceremony, in daily life, for healing and for vision quests. In other words, they have good magic to share.

Their gift from Creator is the strength of wisdom to heal our spirit, emotions, physical and mental aspects. Just like other Beings wild healer spirits have their own unique vibration. Natural fauna hold their own knowledge. Some may be used in a certain stage of its life cycle. It’s not unusual for different parts of certain plants to have different uses too. Discovering their unique knowledge happens in different ways.

Some 2-leggeds may hear the vibration, in other words, the melody. Other 2-leggeds see the vibration-color. Others may gain a trust with an ever so gentle and prayerful touch.

For instance a 2-legged may be invited to be the knowledge-protector, in other words a medicine teacher. Or a 2-legged may be shown the medicine-gifts and how to call up their reason for being, the melody, colors, what it’s used for, how it’s used, where it’s home is.

Other ways for knowledge of flora usage to arrive to a 2-legged is in an awake-dream, a vision-quest or in response to a suppliant prayer. Or after due protocol, a medicine teacher may agree to tutorship. Or a Spiritual leader will share acquired knowledge with disciples.

When a 2-legged arrives to their homelands, a plant family already knows the intent and need. They choose to share their gifts, or not.

Some wild medicines are also used as nutrient-dense foods and it’s easy to make the jump to see nourishing cell-building foods as the ultimate life-long medicine. Native Americans use the roots, stems, leaves, blossoms, berries and fruit. The usual plants for ceremonial use include the ones brought by a Woman Deity who brought sage (the leaves are dried), braids of sweetgrass, dried cedar needles and natural unprocessed tobacco.

Today countless academics have authored books based on the store of Native American botanical knowledge. When you don't know what you're doing though, beware, as two of these Beings may look identical at first glance yet one may be deadly toxic. Don't think you can run out into the woods and gather just any natural wild Being for food or medicine. Be safe, take your time to learn what to do and how, in a safe and prayerful way that respects the protocol of permission to reduce the act of violence as much as possible.

At ceremony one Life helper takes center stage, the 'Tree of Life.' The symbol is the connectedness between life and death, the known and unknown, dark and light, depth and height, female and male... Like life itself, ceremony revolves around the stark beauty of attraction in Mother Earth’s life symbols of contrasts. You’ve noticed that everything in our Life is a symbol, right? For instance, our life cycle is the symbol for our spirit to experience our short walk on Mother Earth.

Natural medicine-Beings can be our best teacher and helper.

Natural wild plants rise to global conscience for protection in legislation.

Prayer for our food and medicine Beings

Thank you Creator for gifting our Mother Earth with healing helpers Beings

To our helpers, thank you for:
Your reason for Being

Your teachings of healing

Your gifts as healing food for all Beings

Your gifts of knowing to raise 2-leggeds to Respect and protection
Oh-Ho! All my relations....

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