Ocean Dwellers

ocean dwellers native american teachings,

    Who are they? They are all the Beings living in Mother Earth's heart: our oceans!

    Can you think of the biggest ocean mammals as thinking feeling intelligent caring Beings?

  • With their own social systems
  • And knowledge to care for and to teach their young
  • With life-long friendships
  • Their own elaborate communications
  • They help each other with birthing
  • They baby-sit for each other
  • They cooperate together to defend their families

    Long-term demonstrations of their intelligence to 2-legged’s has been slow to be accepted and respected. They live in harmony in their environment without destroying it.

    Some make annual migration over great distances, others don’t.

    And it's the huge Swimmers that spark our attention, right?

    You’ll see them on all kinds of artistic mediums.

    Today, you can even take 'Whale, dolphin and porpoise Watching Tours' to get a glimpse of them!

    Some Native Americans maintain ancient Clan symbols like the Fish Clan, the Black Fish Clan, the Killer Whale Clan, the 2-headed Sea Serpent Clan, etc.

    Some even have a central role in Native American historical stories of Origin and Stories of Survival.

    The Blue Whale is Creator’s biggest ocean marine mammal on Mother Earth. For one century they were mercilessly hunted to near extinction by 2-legged whalers. Finally in 1996 the International community took action to protect them.

    But not all of Mother Earth's heart Dwellers are protected. Yet!

    Today it isn’t just oil spills, nor just the countless dams, nor just environmental warming, nor just biodiversity destruction, as damaging as these environmental changes are on their own! It's these events unfolding over an extended period of time...

    Just like our Mother Earth ocean beings have no defense against encroachment, alteration and destruction by 2-legged's.

    According to earthdive.com/news/ our biggest fish the whale shark is now “vulnerable to extinction. Scientists say over-fishing is a principal reason for the decline because there are no international catch limits…And, accidental catching by fishermen is as much a threat as targeted fishing…”

    Ocean Dwellers rise to our global conscience for protection in legislation.


    Thank you Creator for gifting our Mother Earth with the Ocean Beings

    All you who dwell in Mother Earth's Heart, thank you for

    Your reason for Being

    Your strength, intelligence and teachings

    Your gifts of knowing to raise 2-leggeds to Respect Caring Harmony Balance

    Oh-Ho! All my relations....

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