Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor with a conscience, a true holistic visionary. He lived from 1856 to 1943. His inventions did not destroy Mother Earth. His vision for everyone to have free electricity and to safe-guard Mother Earth against capitalist destruction cost him dearly.

As early as 1899 he invented a device called the magnifying transmitter. His device converts Mother Earth’s constant radiant energy in the atmosphere into electrical energy exactly like your household current that powers all your electrical appliances.

Especially today our global need for his revolutionary invention to provide free electric power without destroying Mother Earth in any way, is urgent. But there's more to his story.

Financially abandoned and viciously attacked for his vision and integrity

Tesla was financially dependent on an investor J. P. Morgan for support to develop his projects. But, Morgan quickly realized the financial global implication of Tesla’s vision for free radiant energy to the masses. To him that meant the loss of profit for his own direct current (DC) electric company. Morgan immediately withdrew his financial support from Mr. Tesla; he deliberately used his political influence with government and amongst other investors to make sure that no one was willing to provide financial support to Mr. Tesla. Just as quickly Tesla’s laboratory was burned to the ground, although no evidence was found to indict the investor.

The fire ended Mr. Tesla’s vision of free energy for everyone.

So today, electric energy remains a daily cost for us everyday folks and, at even greater expense to the health of Mother Earth.

DC electric companies to this day take billions of our dollars in profit for our global daily need of electricity.

He scaled down his dream. He kept going

Even with two catastrophic trauma's: 1.) no financial support and 2.) his shop being burned down, Mr. Tesla's strong spirit kept producing. When he had no financial support to develop his magnifying transmitter on a large scale, he built a miniature version of it. His scaled down version couldn’t produce huge amounts of energy. Still, the result was proof beyond doubt that his concept works. And that was more than enough to successfully keep Tesla’s name and invention alive even after this most gifted of spiritual visionary men returned to our spirit world.

Mr. Tesla's conscience, truth, vision outlived him

Mr. Tesla's name is associated with goodness, conscience, truth; his inventions with brilliance, creativity, vision.

His device is completely weather proof, it doesn't matter if it's raining or is too hot outside or if clouds block GrandFather Sun. His device operates even during the night. Just as importantly no batteries are needed to store excess electricity.

Take our global interest to the 'Tipping Point'

More and more folks are interested in free electricity that does not destroy nor alter Mother Earth.

You may or may not know, that the 'Tipping Point' is when market demand for knowledge grows to a point of no return and continues to escalate dramatically.

After Mr. Tesla returned to our spirit world, a few scientists, engineers, and everyday hobbyists gained interest in his inventions. More and more inventions for free energy are based on one or another of Mr. Tesla's principles. At first the free electricity trend caught on only amongst a minority of folks. Today, we have a century of research, analysis, invention, and improvement on a number of different other methods to produce electricity from natural free energy resources in our Mother Earth's environment.

NIKOLA TESLA, Our Futuristic Global Hero

Mr. Tesla returned to spirit in 1943. And even then, his presence on Mother Earth continues to affect us in a good way. His vision survives him, hopefully even into future generations.

And, in spite of money, power, political influence and despite the efforts of DC electric companies they can’t stop the tide of overwhelming public interest and demand for Tesla's inventions for a fuel-less generator, a wireless method for free electric energy for everyone without altering nor destroying Mother Earth.

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Nikola Tesla, Visionary Inventor with Conscience, 1856 - 1943

And please remember to send a prayer of thanks to our true Visionary, Hero, Angel, Saint...

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