How to get your own niche. This is how I got to mine and you can too! Enjoy!

When I got started it was for a different purpose. I wanted very much to make my ‘Living Will’ to share my life-experience with someone in my heart...

I prayed to Creator about what to give my precious granddaughter. I wanted something meaningful, personal and useful for her 12th birthday.

In our Medicine Wheel teachings she’s at the age when she leaves her childhood forever to take her first step into GrandMother Moon's fertility gift of ‘Life-Giver.’

Re-memories came to me...When I was her age of course we didn't have 'sex education' classes, or ‘First Nations spiritual ceremony’ classes, or ‘how to plan a good life’ classes or 'how to have a good relationship' classes...or 'Mother Earth' 'GrandMother Moon' "GrandFather Sun' 'free energy' classes. Personal money managing wasn’t even hinted at. Nor was 'How to plan and start your own busines!’ Of course our internet wasn't in global conscience yet! Truly, it wasn't that long ago! I'm still above ground and pumping air you know!

Yup! Our global technology and communication pace is constant break-neck speed nowadays!

OK. Back to my niche story. I wrote to my granddaughter about the appropriate parts for her age about my annual pilgrimage over a 14-year period to sacred Ghost Dance ceremony. I wrote with passion and it wasn't long before it grew into a scrap-book type binder of poems, stories, pictures and drawings. I finished it and sent it off to her. She has it on a special shelf.

Then, to get ready for my first website I prayed real hard to find my passion. The only topic to spark and tickle my imaginings was her binder content! It’s the only topic my spirit returned to me over and over again...That's exactly how it happened!

And this website is it! It's perfect! Every day I can hardly wait to get at it! How cool is that?

Tag! You're it! Find your Niche!

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