Native American Medicine WATER

Water of Life Native American ceremonial teachings,

Creator's gift of water to all living Beings is honored in Native American ceremony as a treasured respected and helpful gift and compound to spiritual and emotional cleansing, as safely witnessed and experienced in authentic ceremony (note the warning below). Every single Being on Mother Earth uses our liquid compound but mostly, it's spiritual strength is taken for granted and not respected. Until of course, we are all tested with overwhelming amounts of flooding etc., who can ignore the strength of our cleansing element then? On Turtle Island (North America), native american medicine water has been used in ceremonies for centuries, so these ideas are not new.

Our Fluid Compound

  • Is in the South Direction on the Medicine Wheel
  • Changes what it touches
  • Native American medicine water is used ceremony's
  • Is a clear colorless odorless and tasteless nutrient
  • H2O strength is to yield

During a Sweat ceremony prayers of thanks are offered in each of the four 'rounds.' Water is poured onto hot GrandFather rocks resulting in billows of hot cleansing steam. While steam and heat help to reduce and remove toxins from the body, training and skill are of utmost importance for skilled safety.

Life sustaining nutrient

Two-leggeds and all Beings need the Life-giving and life-sustaining power of Pure Clean Water.
  • 70% of a 2-legged's body is water
  • Before food we need water

A consistent daily intake of Pure Clean Water makes our internal organs and systems function and keeps them clean.

Mother Earth's natural reservoir is finite

  • 70% of Mother Earth is liquid
  • Our oceans, Her heart
  • Our rivers, Her aorta
  • Our streams, Her capillaries

The State of Mother Earth's Heart, our oceans

Watch the video clips below to see what is happening today.

Prayer for our element of Water

Thank you Creator for gifting our Mother Earth with Life-sustaining Water. Thank you for Native American ceremonial teachings about WATER as medicine.

Thank You Water element for
Your reason for Being
Your teachings to conscience for 2-Leggeds
Your gift of Life to all Beings

Oh-Ho! Water of Life! Oh-Ho! All my relations....

Water Medicine rises to global conscience for protection in global Legislation

Spiritual Seekers, Beware

I would be remiss not to give warning. Yes, beware of open invitations to Native American 'Sweat' ceremony's. Without training to the power of native american medicine water, ceremony is most risky to say the least. Staging refers to persons with no connection to Native American ceremony yet irresponsibly 'host' a Sweat ceremony for profit. When you're a spiritual seeker pursuing North American spiritual ceremony, this is your 'heads-up.'

Only bad experiences happen to unwary participants when a stagier hosts a Sweat ceremony usually for large amounts of cash. Besides that, staging is done without due respect to the committed years of dedicated training in the responsibility to 'pour' our life-cleansing liquid for a Sweat Ceremony. Seekers are forewarned that staging places all participants at dire risk and trivializes the duly earned rights to respect Native American ceremony and protocols with regard to the potency of our life-giving gift of healing hydration.

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