Way Before My SBI Story

My route to 'My SBI Story' started when my health took a grim dive. But all those years ago, that wasn't clear! Back then, I had no idea what to do... But, whatever 'it' was had to happen at home with flexible hours and satisfy all my needs with practical easy-to-follow steps and reliable results for my creative and financial needs. Going forward, the heaviness of my challenge kept me focused... My strategy was plain old dog-eared stubbornness.

My only Hope? Our new Virtual World. Yikes! What...a...scary... thought!

Setting my digital compass on My SBI Story

My curiosity and just hanging in there with my intuition got me to a priceless opportunity. However, it was clear as mud at that time! And through my obstinate journey, my need didn't change, it just got more urgent...

Connecting My SBI Story dots

My digital process made sense only when I look back and remember why I got started. Even back then I truly believed that something good had to happen though. In spite of taking detours I followed my heart and held steady to my belief. Looking back now of course I know that none of this could have happened if I wasn't challenged... And! There was just no other way to go...

My web skills before My SBI Story

When I first dipped my tippy-toes into our digital world, I knew how to

  • Surf the web

  • Check and answer my eMails
That was it! I had absolutely no interest, need, nor desire to do anything else on our WWW... And then, getting diagnosed and to top it off, getting into my elder years quadrant in my Medicine Wheel, along the way...

My own website? Nope! Not anywhere near my radar!...Until now... 'Do it! Just do it!' my urgency said. So, I got started!

I downloaded and read 200 PDF’s (digital eBooks) by different authors. Some were free, others I paid for.

But, I didn't know what I didn't know and I stayed in a viscous cycle. To make it clear, at that time, none of the software tools I paid for worked together. What a pricey trial-by-fire! And the result, besides wasting money that I could not afford? Mind-boggling confusion!...

At that point, a virtual e-commerce business was an unknowable, crazy-making magnet-mystery! On the net, I read that other folks, all young ones, were getting set up. So, I'd plod along with my blinders on, fueled by need, yearning and an unwillingness to settle into my 'fate.' I felt rudderless, filled with suspense and lost in the depths of the digital 'unknown.'

At that point my dedicated expedition into our digital abyss consisted of: figuring, mis-figuring, re-figuring and repeating that fruitless cycle, trying to figure out how to set up my own e-business on our revolutionary Worldwide Web.

Hot on MY SBI Story trail

During my search I remember thinking 'I must be nuts! Who in their right mind would keep going?' Then I'd look at what I was doing and ask: Am I happy doing this? And the answer was always: 'Yes! I want to leave my kids and grand-kids something truly useful for their lives.' And that thought was my best fuel!

Digital miscues, and not giving up on My SBI Story

I wasted money on half-baked programs. And the worst part was not knowing it wasn't going to work. It was like 'swimming like a rock' and jumping back into the cyber pool in spite of that, repeatedly...

Search engines improved and lit up my path to My SBI Story

Thanks to ever-evolving Search Engine algorithms that make the rules of web-use, and force website publishers to truth, reality and relevance. And with that, comes Trust. It's like learning a steady dog-paddle and knowing I'm going to stay afloat--even to swim round and round in little circles! At first that is...

My SBI Story wasn't in focus yet!

Finally having the confidence to believe and trust research results is like fancy somersaulting to dive into our vast, dynamic digital ocean. Along the way I learned to do website stats checks before paying for or even downloading free eBooks.

I was now honed in to My SBI Story

When I found SBI eBooks & read them? What a difference! That's when my SBI Story swam towards me at full throttle...

These good eBooks have a provable 'Ring of Truth'

They're not filled with 'pie in the sky' empty words and, stats checks on them are consistent. What a treat! These are:

  • Written for net-newbie's just like me

  • Easy-to-understand encouraging reads

  • Chock-full of useful information, and are written beyond a full understanding of what us net-newbie's need

Save yourself years of searching--this is the short-cut: follow 'MY SBI Story' steps

Are you wondering 'What's my first step?' Yes? Then you can start off on the right foot and download Want a home-based net business? Here's a College Degree equivalent of proven information. You won't get something excellent for no effort on your part though. It's work. Good work. Work that you own, 100%. Once you're set up? No one can take it away from you these two free eBooks below and see for your own self:

1. How to write for our Worldwide Web. This will do it! Think you can't write to save your life? Think again! This here's your very own guide to excellent NET-WRITING SKILLS! See for yourself how doable it is! Click here and print it out, get comfy, and don't forget your highlighter! Remember to BOOKMARK this webpage!

2. Have you come across those websites about successful Affiliate Marketers and wondered how in the world it's done? This is how! Here's the doable steps, just for you... Exactly what to do, how and when! Click here to download and print it out. Get comfy, and don't forget your highlighter! Remember to BOOKMARK this page! Come get your own My SBI Story started!

Good on You! Countless other every day folks, myself included, with nothing but Hope, a good dream, and blind faith, dove in with this exact same step. So you're not alone...

Are you a Baby Boomer and need your own 'My SBI Story'?

Even if we Baby Boomers are flat-out broke, we still know that every good thing falls into place after finances... The SBI subscription price of (299 USD/Year) is affordable for us folks in our mind-teasing so-called 'Golden Years.' Well, now here's a way to have Hope and Help for our retirements 'golden' part; even if we have to save up over some months to set ourselves up, it's doable... But really, age does not matter! When you can read and follow instructions just like following any kind of baking recipe? You can cook yourself up a good dose of success with this!... You can do your own due diligence here Here's the list of software tools that are needed and that work perfectly together. Everything's included in the price! My website is built with them! Check it out for your own self and BOOKMARK this webpage!

We made our own 'My SBI Story'

All across our Mother Earth folks have direct access to these right software tools that work together. Now it's possible to dive in with solid confidence of success in our worldwide web. See below for true-to-life testimonial success stories

Get started on your own My SBI Story

If you're searching for a way to make a reliable income like I was, come check this out! It won't cost you anything, even to do a test run. It's not a waste Come here and see how I got my 'NICHE.' I followed the steps and suggestions in the same eBook on net-writing that you downloaded from the web-link above! I sure hope it tickles your imagination and helps you too! of your precious time, effort, money and brain cells...

Here's Mr. Evoy

He owns the website that supplies you with all the software tools needed for your success. Click the arrowhead and listen to his good words.

Here's exactly what he's talking about. If you want to watch even more, just click inside the video box when this one is finished playing!

Here's other everyday folks' own true stories

They put together their own videos to encourage your heart to trust the steps that they took, to show you that you can too!

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Why not release Your Own Magic?

Ain't no such thing as 'Not Smart Enough!'

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