Mother Earth

Mother-Earth needs our help to protect and nurture her on our national and global scale. She's our:

  • Home planet in our Milky Way Galaxy
  • Teacher of Universal Laws
  • One Being in our universal system of living energy

Her spiritual journey propels her on her legs (axis) in the same way we live our life passing through Life's quadrants: Child, Youth, Adult, Elder. Our daily experience in her journey of existence is day and night, and each is gifted with their own Beings.

Mother Earth is finite, not infinite. Our national and international call in Unity is to protect Her in national and international Legislation with supporting Laws with policy, funds, staff and enforceable legislation. Here is a ceremony teaching for you:

Walk Gently Upon Mother Earth!

2-legged Transformation to MOTHER-EARTH

When I meditate on Mother Earth I can't help but look at my own life. I don't mind being 'old' 'aged' 'elderly' 'oldie' 'senior citizen,' 'grey head,' etc. Its just the 'gibbled-up' part that's eff'd me up real good. I got to my Elder quadrant in our Medicine Wheel to realize how I took each ability for granted for all my previous days, for instance to: see, hear, chew, walk, talk, remember. You know, the ability's that command attention as each slowly or quickly leaves. That's what it took for me to reflect on Mother Earth's historical and on-going treatment from 2-legged's. She is totally taken for granted and absolutely disrespected in every sense.

Of course she's lived many life-times longer than my short walk on her back. I come to appreciate that we each play our part in her salvation. As we learn to trust each other and share our concerns, our heart stokes a good idea to take shape and form. Everything we don't do plays forward to future generations.


It's magical to live long enough to witness our global awakening to Mother Earth's gift of:

We two-legged's (humans) are Blessed indeed to be one group in our matriarch's diverse inclusive family. She gives all of herself to nurture her family to thrive beyond what’s seen & not seen. Our own Life Cycle hangs on knowing our heart to embrace understanding of our life-style choice between the Black and Red Road Teachings to guide our own healing and to learn what not to take for granted. 2-legged's force Mother Earth onto the Black Road. We're ready to change though, hey?!

MOTHER-EARTH grants us the 'Gift of Life' to ALL Beings is a most precious gift from Creator HERself.

MOTHER-EARTH our template

Her body shares organic & inorganic compounds to benefit all Beings. She is our template:

  • Her bones, our rocks
  • Her flesh, our dirt
  • Her lungs, our forests
  • Her breasts, our mountains
  • Her dorsal aorta, our oceans
  • Her arteries, our rivers
  • Her veins & capillaries, our streams
  • Her legs, our North and South poles

Breath of Life

Just like all living Beings, our Mother breathes! Her manifest seasons are her aura and bouquet in full fragrance of thriving Life.

  • Our Spring is Her beginning intake of breath
  • Our Summer is Her full intake of breath
  • Our Fall is Her beginning exhale
  • Our Winter is Her full exhale

Hold the above points to your understanding as you watch and listen to the short video clip below.

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Click this link to see other's other folks good words of encouragement and Hope Special Prayers for Mother Earth

4 a.m. Prayer

Bless we most pitiful ones Creator oh Great One

Thank You Great and Holy Mother to:

Guide our every desire, thought, behavior and action Creator oh Great One.

Deliver us two-legged's to global Conscience at the speed of light.

Your teachings in our sufferings to treasure Respect

Your dynamic Life-affirming Abundance to Global Unity

Your Life-long teachings of Harmony to Peace

Your gift to celebrate our Similarities and Respect our few differences

Oh-Ho! All my relations!

Internal Link

To GrandFather Sun from Mother Earth

External link:

Of 196 existing countries today the first two so far to create Constitutional protection for Mother Earth are Ecuador and Bolivia. Click the link below to witness Bolivia's Chapters and Articles in their own Constitutional Clause.

Chapters and Articles of Bolivia's Constitutional Clause. Transforming riveting and Hopeful as never before! Share Bolivia's electorate's spark of encouragement to create our own urgently needed constitutional clause to protect Mother Earth. In the process we'll take our part and reach our global tipping point a whole lot faster.

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