Love is Laughter

by Tamm Quock
(Ft. St. John, B.C., Canada)

I Love this story! What a romantic comedy! I found myself laughing real hard at the idea of him trying to control his outburst of laughter as he was helping his client up from the ground. I could just see it! Awww, that’s the best when two people are in tune with each other and can laugh without having to say too much.

I believe they had a deep connection right from the get-go. This story is a reminder that humor binds us in precious ways. It also smooths Life's rough road. Shared laughter makes Life worth living especially with someone you love and who loves you back. Thanks so much for sharing Doreen' Romancing to Love Story I really enjoyed it. This Romancing to Love story is a reminder to grow and keep the joy of laughter in our relationships.

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