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Nishga First Nations Hobiyee (New Moon) Ceremony

Different first Nations have different ceremonies. Click on the white arrowhead and see how the Nishga celebrate lunar energy.

Nishga Territory, B.C., Canada, Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way.

Medicine Wheel Teachings

Like all Beings, Women go through each Medicine Wheel quadrant: Child (East); Youth (South); Adult (West); Elder (North)

The female body goes through different and constant internal changes all the while growing through each age quadrant.

Child-time allows children to be exuberant in

  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Caring
  • Gentleness
  • Respect

Youth-time is a time of learning and practicing to be a respectful functioning responsible adult in
  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Respectful Guidance
Adult-time is time for sharing life-long experience of learning with
  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Cooperation
  • Support
  • Respect from community

Elder-time is time to share
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Vision

Moon Lodge teachings include and are not limited to
  • Healing and letting go
  • Prayers of intent
  • Respect and cherishment
  • Unity and safety

Until the return to our spirit world, Women

  • Need legislated protection from individuals, communities, cultures, institutions and governments of 'systemic predator-syndrome'
  • Are ‘Daughters of GrandMother Moon’
  • Have the inherent Right to choose her response to the responsibility of ‘Life-giver’ to future generations
  • Respond to Moon energy in 'Moon Time' (menses)
  • Are direct channels of full Moon energy

GrandMother Moon Lodge Teachings are gaining interest with all women, check out the video clip below.

The Moon Lodge

At some ceremony's a physical space is designated for a Moon Lodge within view of ceremony. On this dedicated space ceremony community’s build a lodge for Women on their spiritually potent Moon Time. Time in the Moon lodge is the perfect time for women to be cherished by community, their family and ceremony responsibilities are shared by others. It’s usual at any point during ceremony, for women to arrive to the Moon Lodge.

GrandMother Moon Time

Moon Time is prayerfully potent, as no other. Women unite their direct connection to lunar energy. Individuals and families at ceremony may offer tobacco ties to women in the Moon Lodge as a respectful way to request special prayers. Check out this video clip, you’ll hear about the lunar cycle as it pertains to women.

Women's Life-giving Gift to future generations rises to global conscience for protection in legislation

Full Moon Prayer
Thank you Creator for gifting our Universe with our GrandMother
Thank you GrandMother for

Your reason for Being

Your teachings to the Responsibility and Gift of Fertility

Your gift and power of 'Life-Giver' to women
Your perfect Creator-given Right to Women to be respected, cherished, Loved, protected
Oh-Ho! All my relations....

GrandMother Moon Spiritual Love Light streams to Mother Earth in columns of white


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