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GrandMother Moon Symbols

New Moon Ceremony

Different First Nations host various Moon ceremonies such as the Nishga First Nations.

Click on the white arrowhead in the vid-clip below to see & hear the Nishga's new moon celebration.

Nishga Homelands, B.C., Turtle Island, Mother Earth, Milky Way.


Like all Beings, we Women go through each Medicine Wheel quadrant: Child (East); Youth (South); Adult (West); Elder (North)

During our short walk on Mother Earth, our female body's constantly go through internal changes as we grow through each age quadrant.
Child-time allows children to thrive in

  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Caring
  • Gentleness
  • Respect

Youth-time is a time to learn and practice being a respectful functioning responsible adult in

  • Safety
  • Protection
  • Respectful Guidance

Adult-time is time for sharing life-long experience with

  • Protection
  • Safety
  • Cooperation
  • Support
  • Respect from community

Elder-time is time to share:

  • Experiences
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Vision

Moon Lodge teachings include and are not limited to

  • Healing and letting go
  • Seeing with Heart's eyes
  • Respect to cherish
  • Unity with safety


Women as Life-Givers urgently Need:

  • Legislated protection from individuals, communities, cultures, institutions and governments of 'systemic predator-syndrome'
  • Acknowledgement that We indeed are ‘Daughters' of GrandMother Moon
  • To be treated with Honor in our choice of our life-style.
  • Respect that Our fertility responds directly to Moon energy in 'Moon Time' (menses)
  • Respect our direct channels of full Moon energy for the benefit and safety of our own selves, each other and for global society

Moon Time

Native American/First Nations spiritual cultural Teachings gain global interest with diverse women and its usual to find that we are similar across cultures; in other words we're more similar than we are different.

The Red Tent video series reflects non-First Nations interest, a most encouraging development and I trust that you will find it so too.

Check out Part 1 of 7 in a heart-stoking video series below; enticing eye-openers.

Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman has already been put out 'on the hill' just as the men leaders. After consensus discussion between our Medicine Woman and Spiritual Leader, ceremony men build our lodge that is dedicated to heal guide protect and serve Life-Givers and ceremony. Our Lodge is the most perfect way to simultaneously honor and respect our spiritually potent 'Moon Time' without fear from the men and in supportive guidance of our Medicine Woman.

We're in agreement that the area for the lodge is to have an unobstructed view of ceremony and ceremony supporters and dancers can see us too. Both dancers- and supporter-Women are welcomed by our Medicine Woman as each arrives at any point throughout Ceremony; soon as that happens her family and ceremony responsibilities are willingly shared by family, friends and supporters.

Nothing happens without the support of the men; the men honor our lodge with a huge buffalo hide.

On the hide we stand to move in unison to our ceremony’s sacred drum, the magical heart of ceremony.

We're each compelled by our own moon time and Life-givers of all ages stand in dynamic unity to support and strengthen ceremony in a Good way.

Moon Lodge

My truck is serviced and wheels are checked for my 5-day drive on pilgrimage to sacred grounds in North Dakota. Into my truck I pack my Ceremony bundle and camping gear for the camping trip from my coastal Haisla homelands in northwestern BC.

It's the beginning of August. Plant Beings in full bloom and a range of colors share their perfume, their fruits of ripe fullness, their reason for Being.

For several years now I've chosen to leave early to help our Spiritual Leader with Ceremony prep. This time I head across Turtle Island to Peepeekisis in South Saskatchewan to pick up my good chum 'Red Beaded Buckskin Dress Woman,' who volunteered to come with me. On my second day of rest we're invited to her Mom's annual family barbecue at a small lake. An afternoon of relaxed family fun, eating and swimming. When we arrive I see three picnic tables filled with different veggies to go with the huge scrump-delicious barbecued elk steaks that her Lyle brother is in charge of cooking; mine is burnt to perfection. Late in the evening we say our thanks, get and give hugs and even more teasing and laughter. We leave the lake and head to her home for a good rest for an early start come morning.

We wake and sit outside on the back porch with our morning tea, relaxed. Mid-morning we pull away from her driveway and in a couple of hours we arrive safely to sacred grounds. We tumble out, give prayers of thanks as we take in the rolling hills in every direction set against the pure blue big sky country.

We help each other set up our tents, unpack our gear then drive to our Spiritual Leader's home to let him know that we're set up and ready. After a fun-filled reunion and supper we return to our camp to change into our sweat dresses for our first of two daily sweat ceremony's. After sweat, we settle into prep routine and agree to sit for a spell.

GrandMother Moon is out full bore, huge and seemingly close.

A lone black night bird flies past whistling its hollow piercing tune as crickets call back, then quiet. My heart smiles.

My eyes lock forward and up. I'm still. Silent. Not knowing.

To the left of GrandMother Moon a small grey cloud appears moving as to a drumbeat into the center where it immediately changes to a light blue color and stops dancing. Onto the dry prairie grass in front of me a brilliant bolt of white-yellow light flashes down. I glance up. Captivated. The now blue ball moves down the bolt of light at a steady slow pace.

Then at the halfway point, the blue ball transforms into a hunch-back wrinkled up spent Life-giver at the end of her time and dressed in old clothes. She moves below the halfway point then mutates into a full blown woman in the prime of her Life.

Her regalia is a long sleeved white buckskin dress with tassels at the bottom hemline, her waist-long thick blue-black straight hair reflects bright moonlight as her skin radiates in rich reddish brown. I'm enchanted.

All twenty-feet high of her floats above the grass in front of me. A vision to behold. A Saint. A Sacred Being. Without looking away I humble into prayer thoughts.

She soft-looks ever gentle into my eyes, straight to my soul. Without moving her lips her tender tone of voice says clearly, "Make a place for me."

In one blink of my eyes she disappears!

"Who was that Woman?" I ask my chum.

"What woman?" she says.

"I don't know what it means," I say after describing the scenario.

"I know what it means!" My buddy says excitedly as she jumps from her camp chair throwing off her blanket. She quick-walks down the gentle slope to our Ceremony Leader still at his Sweat Lodge.

I toddle off to my tent to crash on my welcoming cot, deliciously tired.

"What's the haps?" I ask my chum the next morning as a flurry of activity gets my attention after a few menfolk arrive.

"We have a Moon Lodge!" She throws her arms up in the air with a happy grin.

In our first talking circle I ask women to share what is in their hearts. It turns out they have sad hurt story's to release and each closing comment is that our Moon Lodge is most welcome, needed and overdue. The more time we spend together drinking in each other's life-journey we bear witness to honor our experiences with our respectful presence.

I mis-think that our first gathering may last an hour if that. Here it goes on for the rest of the day. Once we start there is no turning back.

Our community feeling is to feel known, to feel welcome. To Belong. Respect. Cherished.

Soon Life-givers daughters join us. Then other siblings. Then Partners. Then the camp.

“This is our first group sharing. It is good,” Our Spiritual Leader says in a comforting tone.

The following year I am told of the challenges our Leader endured from other ceremony hosts for the daring nerve to host the only Moon Lodge, our Gift from GrandMother Moon herself! We're enraptured! Truly...

I look forward to next year's pilgrimage!

GrandMother MoonPRAYER

Thank you Creator for gifting our Milky Way galaxy with GrandMother

Thank you Holy GrandMother for

Your reason for Being

Your teachings to the Responsibility and Gift of Fertility

Your gift to show our power as precious 'Life-Giver's'

Your perfect Creator-given Right to Women to be respected, cherished, Loved, protected. Thank you Ancient Ones for your Blessings. Thank you for delivering my feet to sacred grounds. Thank you for our Moon Lodge. Thank you for our ceremony. Bless each of us Creator Oh Great One.

Oh-Ho! All my relations.

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