native american, grandfather sun,

  • Is a ball of pure energy
  • Is honored in Sun Dance ceremony
  • Gentle energy protects Life
  • In the Medicine Wheel is in the East, Quadrant 1
  • Sun’s gift and spiritual responsibility is ‘Air’

Sun Dance Ceremony

  • Is based on the Medicine Wheel
  • Follows a spiritual bundle
  • Is a four year commitment

Ceremony Bundles

  • Spiritual Leaders commit to other and different ceremonies to earn the responsibility and 'Right' to care for a ceremonial Bundle
  • When a Spiritual leader returns to spirit, the bundle is passed on to a ‘Caretaker’
  • Bundle carriers and ceremony community choose whether their ceremony is closed or open ‘by invitation’

North American Holocaust

In spite of the historical context of European arrival to our continent, our unified story is one of resilience and survival. In 1840 newly formed governments created statutes, bureaucracies and policies to support church run ‘Residential Schools’ for removal of:
  • Five to seven generations of children from families and communities
  • Confiscation and theft of cultural symbols and human remains
Generational trauma to families and communities, culture and language, lands and resources exist today.

Thanks to our Internet global interest of our experience from our perspective is becoming common in public awareness.

As to the history of our ceremonies first understand that dedicated Ceremonial circles knew full well the dire need for vigilance. The reaction?

Imperative hyper-vigilance to safe guardianship of ceremonies, namely Sun Dances and Potlatch's, the foundation of communities!

Within ceremony 'inner circles' forbidden were:

  • Recording, photography, filming
  • Mention of ceremony to all non-First Nations
That's why few authentic old images of Sun Dance ceremonies exist.

The First Exception

When community and ceremony leaders of the Kaini First Nations in Alberta, Canada felt desperate to preserve spiritual ceremonial teachings for future generations, they allowed their ceremony to be filmed. The result is the 1960 National Film Board of Canada documentary “Circle of the Sun.”

Woman: Spiritual Deity and Icon

Creator sent a Holy Being to the people. Click on the white arrowhead in the video clip below and come e-meet the 19th generation 'Keeper, of the Sacred Pipe.' He shares the history of White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought seven ceremonial rites and teachings to ensure survival through generations of tribulations, our North American Holocaust.

White Buffalo Calf Woman’s story.

In spite of long-term systemic attack, ceremony has not died out. In fact global interest continues to spread. Maybe because of the holistic, universal and individualistic ceremony tenets and/or the dynamic spiritual experiences that are common to some individuals while participating in ceremony and/or our humble and natural ceremony structures. Or maybe because of the state of our Mother Earth…maybe nothing else makes sense…

Ancient Ceremony music

Ceremony has dedicated music. Even though the lyrics aren't in my X'aisla First Nations language, the moment I first heard Sun Dance music it jumped into and set anchor forever inside my heart, to stroke and wake it up, then fill my Spirit to overflowing. And for the first time to make my soul dance. An old familiar and perhaps inherited deep heart-ache of untouchable loneliness, ice-cold isolation and heavy unsettled rootless yearning found the spiritual home. Before that though I dedicated years to searching before giving up and doing time as a workaholic. No...more...

Take a deep breath, be still. Open your awareness to the tapestry of feeling in the music, don’t limit your focus to the words in this song that keeps spiritual energy focused and moving

Ancient Sioux 'Suffering Song.'

Ceremony Preparation

Sweat Ceremony is disciplined preparation for other ceremonies. ‘Sweats’ are based on the Medicine Wheel yet are not identical so it’s hard to know if the person ‘pouring‘ for a ‘Sweat’ is safe. In other words, there is no formula per se so its easy for unscrupulous ones to dupe unknowing yet spiritually hungry folks who may feel desperate for ceremony support, guidance and experience. It helps to ‘visit’ a ceremony a couple of times first, by invitation of course, and observe your feelings. It may also help to know that each sweat leader follows a particular spiritual leader’s ceremony Bundle, all responsibilities are unique and humble. Hold the above in your awareness to watch these video clips.

Here’s a good example of ‘Sweat’ preparation.

Want more info? In Catalogue 1 below, you’ll find a good selection of book titles about our historical experience.

Good Words

The following words are for the 'spiritual seeker': Your common sense caution is well advised. When you have even an inkling sense of ‘I don’t know’ your standard answer is ‘No.’ For instance be especially vigilant for 'staged' ceremony for profit. Staging continues the revolting disrespect to undermine the cultural spiritual training, experience, skills, understandings, knowledge, history, teachings and protocols without which, the 'stagier' deliberately and knowingly places participants to irresponsible and dire risk. (Google: ‘sweat ceremony court case update’ for current examples).

GrandFather Sun’s Physical Symbol

The male two-legged is our symbol of Sun energy. Just like GrandFather Sun, the right kind of intent and integrity is positive into the future; it follows then that too much or too little is negative into the future as well. Outcomes depend on a pattern of considered intent.

Here’s a thought to ‘mull over' to spark the idea. Think about the location of the male organ situated outside the physical body and therefore exposed to different energies. And, when in force, Life-energy complements and balances with its opposite and balancing symbol, Moon energy: Woman, to the spark of Life. Keep in mind that the above knowledge neither condones nor excuses predator behaviour to sexual violence.

GrandFather Sun Teachings

  • Life depends on Sun’s gentle energy
  • Respect similarity of global inter-dependence on Sun energy
  • Respect support and protect all Life forms

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Solar Storms

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GrandFather Sun streams to Mother Earth in columns of pink

Sunrise Prayer

Thank you Creator for gifting our Universe with GrandFather Sun

Thank you GrandFather for

Your reason for Being

Your life-giving energy

Your teachings to protect and respect Life

And to bring two-legged's to unified conscience

Oh-Ho! All my relations

GrandFather Sun energy rises to global conscience for protection of sharing

Here is Catalogue 1. For your convenience it lists a few different and fun book titles about our historical experience and a few clothing items with Native American designs on them too. Place your computer mouse at the bottom middle of an image and a product description, customer review and the price will display for you. Enjoy!

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To STAR BEINGS from GrandFather Sun

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