Grandaughter's love!

by Koby West
(Ashnola, B.C., Canada)

Ba-ba-Oh Gordon

Ba-ba-Oh Gordon

Ba-ba-Oh Gordon My 1st halibut

A lot of my youth-time ‘happy’ memories are from my time with my Ba-ba-Oh (Granpa) Gordon. He took me fishing and hunting with him. I treasure his lessons and stories that he shared with me during our short time together.

I miss his smiling face, and all it takes is for me to close my eyes and there he is! Speaking his words of wisdom that I could not grasp at that time.

Often, I use his good words of guidance to deal with my life-situations and unique circumstance.

My Ba-ba-Oh was the hereditary Chief and the elected Chief Councillor of his X'aisla First Nation. His love for his people and his intimate knowledge of their history and keeping our oral history alive was very important to him.

I remember him now and smile just for him.

My Ba-ba-Oh took our picture of my first halibut catch!

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