by Jean Walksfar Logan
(Auckland, New Zealand)

I come to you for the Breath of Life
You willing give yours

Each day, a new beginning
Each night I feel your heartbeat
As you cradle me in your arms

I am stronger
I am safe

You show me your breath
of four seasons
I listen to your words
Gently whisper though your trees

Your beauty expands my heart to open my soul
To heal, to see all that there is
To move on

I am here
A two-legged with open arms
I give my Love to you....
Mother Earth.

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Sep 15, 2015
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Apr 28, 2011
by: Bett

Hey Jeanne!
My Spiritual Playmate!

Thanks for your beautiful poem
I love your heart presence
in your words

You're a great friend
Thank you for being in my Life
And all the years we
travelled together in pilgrimage
to sacred Sun Dance Ceremony

Remember when we saw the Ancient Ones
in the sky during a Norther Lights event?

Remember when the ends of our noses
were blackened?

Remember when we put Andy on the hill?

Remember when I showed you GrandFather Sun's
pink streams of Love light?

Those years made precious memories
of shared experiences

I remember. I do. I remember....

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