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From this web page, at the link below, you can watch a video clip, access free eBooks and at the second link you’ll have any and all of your questions answered too.

The eBooks are logical educational digital training to help the most folks anywhere and everywhere on Mother Earth. They're easy to understand, follow and do. It's helpful information that improves Lives by tickling your digital awareness ...That's what I found this eBook training is about, and I sure hope you find it useful too!

My experience of having the financial rug pulled out at any moment is not even in the picture at all anymore.

Trust and credibility

Are the important foundation, you'll see...

You'll get past the feelings of strange newness and set up a regular reading schedule, as I did. I found it riveting as all git out! Now, let me explain that this digital world was radical to me. So some of these free eBooks I re-read a couple of times and found that a most helpful step. I’m glad and thankful I got started though. Just get started yourself, you'll see.

"Everybody knows something about something"

That’s exactly what Dr. Ken Evoy says. He owns Solo Build It. And it's true! When you follow the link below, you see the video clip and when you're done that fun part! Next, scroll down to the twelve free eBooks and download them. You'll have excellent encouragement to appreciate what you already know from your life and/or work or even your favorite hobby experiences. You'll find explanations about how to use your own knowledge to your benefit.

"I can't write to save my life!"

Should you just happen to be one of the folks who feels or holds that passing thought... There's excellent encouragement to guide you through that self-imposed emotional hold-up to success in our digital world of today too.

Education, age, experience, skills, Life situation

Simply don't matter! Isn't that amazing? You can be a work-at-home-mom, a stay-at-home-dad, an experienced Affiliate Master, or student, etc. What matters is interest, dedication, commitment. Plus, it's fun! Come here for your free eBook downloads and have your senses tickled. Yeah! Check it out for yourself!


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