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If you have time to listen to the video clip below, thank you again! This clip is about SBI! which stands for ‘Solo Build It!’ Just to let you know, I searched for quite awhile before finding SBI! and I’m sure happy to share it with you. My internet search was in response to a Life challenge. I needed a way to generate an income from home.

I dove into our digital abyss knowing how to check my email and Google (now though, I use

Thankfully, I found SBI! and learned useful easy-to-understand and follow steps.

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I enjoy cooking, so I compare anything new I want to learn, to following recipes that I enjoy eating.

SBI's is based on step-by-step logic, just like recipes. So, it’s doable! Are you wondering about the cost? It's $299/US per year, everything needed for your success is included. I saved up, bought the program and this is my first website! So, check out the clip below. Maybe it can help you too. Well, especially if you're looking to cook up a way to make extra money and even earn a reliable living from home on our internet.

Below is the first SBI! video clip I watched (a couple of times and, I still go back to it). It's clear, easy to follow and sure is encouraging.

Even if you don't have time to watch this video clip, I'm still so very happy to receive and answer your Contact submission.

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I personally invite you to visit our SBI! Forums. It’s where you can find out what's happening to and between SBI! folks all over our Mother Earth. At our forums, I’ve found support staff and us regular folks to be welcoming, helpful and positive. And, folks there are always quick to respond. You can go there from this Contact page if you like, just copy and paste my website address into the user and password boxes that come up when you click on the Forum below link:

1.) Here’s our Forum address:

2.) Here’s my website address:

Even if you don't have time to visit our Forums, I'm still very happy to receive and answer your Contact submission.

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