In Medicine Wheel Teachings this road is a symbol

for feeling, thinking, speaking and behavior life-style patterns

that are unproductive

In Medicine Wheel teachings, the Black Road starts in the south quadrant and ends in the north, see the image below. Use it as a visual tool to keep your focus.

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Life's two roads are choices

Choices? Yes when we get older, they are choices.

And, once you get started on Black Road healing work you have the choice to take a break from your healing or not, even to continue or not! At any time a 'repeat clearance' is possible. It’s up to you.

You know yourself, right? Several humble suggestions. Throughout your emotional healing program, plan for physical activity. Exercise. Stretch. Walk. Another thing. Before you start or at any point along the way, if you feel you need to speak with someone set it up with someone you trust, like a professional with a proven reputation of safety. Ask around and certain names will keep popping up. You're looking for a person who has the capacity to listen without judgement. A person you feel safe to speak freely to. Trust your instincts. Trust your gut-reactions. Take your time. You may find weekly group-counseling appointments helpful too.

When we are born into a culture, a 'democratic' country of violence that our family can’t protect us from

We learn that for generations no one, not even prayers help nor bring relief...

When violated, without dying, we leave our body...

Sometimes the only good thing about childhood is surviving it. Maybe...

So yes, although we get born into situations that our country, government, religion, culture, and family/care-takers, Click here and download The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State make, when we grow up we each have the right to choose our life path if we want. First of all, understand that each two-legged has the right to use the gift of Will Power to find, heal, nurture and grow our own Spirit in unique and ancient beliefs whatever they are and what we choose is an individual choice. Beyond that and just as importantly, each two-legged has the inherent right to speak directly to Creator..

And, each person’s healing work is absolutely possible. Writing was my chosen path. I used it as my form of purging to get clear about my emotional and spiritual blocks. I found that clearing makes room for any possibility of change and makes room for feelings of goodness, trust, vision, understanding, creativity, empathy, you know, the good stuff.

Keep in mind and remind yourself that you have total control of your memories of all previous experiences. Give yourself permission to not stay stuck in any particular memory, bad or good. That's all it is now, a distant memory that you control. So when you're ready, call it up, examine it, write about it, think about it and let it go when you're good and ready, in ways that are meaningful to you.

What will you need? A writing pad or two or three and several pencils or pens too. I'll use my getting-started experience as an example.

First of all, let me explain that there were not too many non-First Nations counsellors when I started off. That was important to me and as I got clear about our generational trauma, I understood my guardedness. So to get started, my prayers asked Creator and the Ancient Ones for protection, guidance and clearance. When I felt ready, I studied the image of Life's two roads. I placed my focus on the Black Road. I started in the East, my childhood quadrant. I wrote down every memory that popped into my head of my childhood years.

As I opened up my memory bank, I wrote down all my memories. I didn't judge them. I just wrote. In between my writing sessions, like when I was exercising, I carried a 'sticky' in my pocket and a pencil too. Whenever a memory returned to me, I made note of it on the 'sticky' and later I wrote down as much of the whole memory that was returned to me.

To get yourself started, remember that you'll be going through each of the Medicine Wheel quadrants as appropriate, like starting in the Childhood (East), then Youth (South), then Adult (West), then Elder (North). See in the image below for reference.

Native American Medicine Wheel

The East is Quadrant 1, it's the time of childhood years. Do you have Black Road experiences to write about from your childhood? Remember you have total control over how much you want to remember so you can write about it.

The next quadrant on the Medicine Wheel is Youth. Do you have Black Road experiences to write about from your youth?

Next is your Adult quadrant. Do you have Black Road experiences to write about from your adult quadrant?

Next is your Elder quadrant. Do you have Black Road experiences to write about from your elder quadrant?

Write to yourself. Be honest. Be truthful. Don't hide anything. Don't give grammar, spelling, punctuation, tense, flow or anything else to do with the mechanics of the English language a nano-second of time! Write every memory that pops into your head...And the best thing? The more you write, the more interest and care is possible to how your Life unfolds. Choices get clear...

Once I was done, I wasn't ready right away to let go of my 'Re-memory book'. Then I realized I used them to beat myself up and despise our hate-and-disdain-filled sick society....

So! I had a 'Burning Ceremony' just for them. I made a sacred fire, I 'fed' the cleansing fire with our First Nations traditional cultural healthy foods I love to eat; I spoke to my memories in prayers; I thanked them; I forgave myself; I forgave others; then burned the lot of them...

We each go through our own unique experience of the Black Road. Yet when we have the capacity to view the experience of all two-legged’s, there’s more similarities than differences. The Medicine Wheel is a reference tool of clarity to guide you through your own healing journey!

The suggestions and experiences above are from my personal experience. If/when you are in a traumatized state, please seek professional help immediately.

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