Animal Totems - 4-LEGGEDS

Native American animal totems, 4 - leggeds,

Animal Totems - 4-leggeds is about gifts, teachings, intelligence, understanding and abilities of Creators four-legged Beings. Their spirituality is intrinsic.

Creator blessed each of Mother Earth’s continents with unique Beings.

Do you believe that 2-legged's are the only Beings with feelings, thoughts, teachings, abilities? Yes? Well, it's a good idea to think again! You may wind up with your own animal totem!

Native Americans learned by observation and interaction with animal beings in their natural habitat. For instance they use different plants for medicines and know which plants in the forest are safe-to-eat.

My paternal Grandmother said, "Whatever Mrs. Bear eats!...We eat!" Bear is considered our closest relative.

Abstract images are on public display too. You'll see traditional totems throughout the province of B.C.(Canada), in Museums and private collections in different countries too.

Native American communities particularly along the west coast have traditional animal totem symbols for Clans, such as the Black Bear Clan, the Grizzly Bear Clan, the Wolf Clan, the Hoof Clan, the Deer Clan, etc.

Different 4-legged's have a central role in true historical Stories of Origin and Survival.

4-leggeds needed for survival were taken. Every part was used. Hide was cleaned and de-haired and brain fat was rubbed into it before it was smoked. The result? Tanned buckskin for necessities like footwear such as muk-luks (tall warm winter boots, usually covered with beautiful intricate beadwork; moccasins (a foot-covering like today's shoes, also with beadwork), and clothing (dresses, jackets, vests, etc., also with beadwork). Sometimes the hair is left on the hide for use as warm blankets. Fat is rendered, stored and used for cooking and to make medicines. The liver and heart is cooked to eat right away. Some meat is barbequed, baked, boiled or fried. And, the meat is dried into jerky. Cooked bone marrow is a delicacy. Bones are made into tools. Claws are made into decorations. Sinew is used for strong string. Nothing's wasted. 4-legged's are not killed in sport for trophy’s.

To Thrive

4-Legged's need large tracts of wild undisturbed land. Their territories are encroached by municipalities and permanently altered by commercial industries and multinationals. Besides that, like the rest of us, they’re at the mercy of global warming, climate change and natural disasters.

Today more political groups take action for their protection...

4-leggeds rise to our global conscience for protection in legislation.

Prayer for 4-Leggeds

Thank you Creator for gifting our Mother Earth with 4-leggeds.

You 4-Leggeds, thank you for:
Your reason for Being

Your intelligence, teachings, understandings, abilities

Your gift of presence to raise 2-legged's to Respect

Oh-Ho! All my relations....

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