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animal totems

Animal Totems-4-leggeds is about the gifts and teachings, intelligence and understanding respect and abilities of Creators four-legged Beings. Their spirituality is intrinsic.

Creator blessed each of Mother Earth’s continents with unique Beings.

Do you believe that 2-legged's are the only Beings with feelings, thoughts, teachings, abilities? Yes? Well, it's a good idea to think again! You may wind up with your own animal totem!

First Nations Ancient Ones observed and interacted with animal beings in their natural habitat. My Great Grandmother told me the story of an old woman with no family to hunt for her and was abandoned by her community to die alone. One morning a wolf scratched at her door then looking pitifully at her to ask for help. She looked at his gums and saw a sharp bone that caused infection and she pulled it out and removed the puss. The next morning she opened her door to find a dead deer and when she glanced up saw the wolf at the timberline looking at her. She skinned and cleaned the deer hide and hung the meat on strings across her rooms to dry out.

4-legged’s know which plants in the forest are safe-to-eat a knowledge passed on from their parents; they know the plants to use to heal. My paternal Grandmother said, "Whatever Mrs. Bear eats!...We eat!" Of the 4-legged’s Bear is our closest relative.

Abstract First Nations spiritual images are on public display throughout the province of B.C.(Canada), in Museums and private collections in different countries.

First Nations community's along the west coast have traditional spiritual abstract animal totem symbols for Clans, such as the Black Bear Clan, the Grizzly Bear Clan, the Wolf Clan, the Deer Clan, the Fish Clan, the Black Fish Clan, the Eagle Clan, etc.

Different 4-legged's across Mother Earth have a pivotal role in our traditional cultural knowings to our Origin. Every part of each 4-legged is used. Hide is de-haired scraped clean to remove all meat and fat then brain fat is rubbed in thickly and chewed in before smoking. The result? Tanned buckskin for necessities such as footwear of tall warm winter boots covered with beautiful intricate bead work, 'muck-lucks' we call them; short moccasin foot-covering like today's shoes, also with bead work; dresses, jackets, vests, etc., with bead work. Sometimes the hair is left on the hide for use as warm blankets. Fat is rendered, stored for cooking and to make medicines. The liver and heart is cooked and eaten right away. Meat is barbecued, baked, boiled or fried. The meat is dried into jerky. Cooked bone marrow is an easy to digest delicacy loaded with natural calcium. Bones are made into tools. Claws are made into decorations. Sinew is used for strong string. Nothing's wasted. 4-legged's are not killed in sport for trophy’s.

To Thrive

4-Legged's need large tracts of wild undisturbed land. Their territories are encroached by municipalities, commercial regional industries and multinationals. Besides that, like the rest of us they’re at the mercy of global warming, climate change and natural disasters.

Heart felt Thanks to all the political groups that take action to protect 4-legged’s homelands.

4-leggeds rise to our global conscience for protection in legislation.

Prayer for 4-Leggeds
Thank you Creator for gifting our Mother Earth with 4-leggeds.
You 4-Leggeds, thank you for:
Your reason for Being

Your intelligence, teachings, understandings, abilities

Your gift of presence to raise 2-legged's to Conscience, to Respect

Oh-Ho! All my relations....

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