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Our first Holy Moment when we arrive from our spirit world, is our very first breath of air. Our last Holy Moment is when our body exhales for the last time. We are here to connect to Creator's abundance of goodness. There's lots to learn about our gift of Air.

Every single Being on Mother Earth is part of and affected by this most basic of Creator’s life-supporting elements:
  • It’s located in the east quadrant on the Medicine Wheel
  • It’s easy to take for granted
  • There’s lots of it
  • It’s everywhere
  • It’s free
  • Every Being has the inherent right to breathe it
And sometimes, as soon as we’re ready, something happens to spark awareness to teach this element’s preciousness and potency. Like ceremony.

Air effects everything

I settle into ceremony’s throbbing rhythm and flow of spiritual aliveness. Every level of my vibration is stoked:
  • My voice is my gift from all of my Ancient Ones into infinity
  • Like every single Being, my breath joins Mother Earth’s
  • Our ceremony voices waft and wane, drifting off in echoes to return our melodies tucked into our warm gentle summer breeze
  • Around me different creatures do their Dance of Life

Then my thoughts hitch a ride on the ceremonial drum beat that reverberates in my heart, lungs and head to caress and fill my essence to over-flowing. I drift on the drum’s heartbeat as it saturates my spiritual hunger in ceremony’s smorgasbord delicacy of ancient rhythms, carried to and fro in Mother Earth’s breath.

Towards the end of each dance-day as my body tires I remind myself that I’ve waited all year to re-visit this satisfied full feeling of vibrant busyness of aliveness. And this spiritual feast has to last me all year…

During ceremony we dancers don’t use our everyday prescription glasses yet that’s not a hindrance to spiritual sight.

The unending mix of energy vibrations fill every psychological space in perfect harmony.

Near me I hear the critters as they rejoice in their day of activity. I notice far off activity too. Different clouds billow drift and float in Mother Earth’s atmosphere moving like they’re in sync with our ceremonial drum beat too.

On some hot summer days the thunder beings announce their arrival, ‘We’re here!” nano-seconds before bolts of lightening crack flash and streak to Mother Earth. And sometimes they look like they start at the ground then bolt upwards into the thundercloud too. I am fully engrossed in the pulse of ceremony when a childhood re-memory arrives.

I recall my definite feeling of awe at the sudden appearance of thick black clouds that quickly take over our clear blue summer sky. Just as quickly my cousins and I remove our ‘hand-me-down’ shoes and socks to race in squeals of delight through the cold ooze of mud. I love these clear and happy childhood memories. But back to Mother Earth’s invisible element as I share my experience in ceremony.

In between ceremony ‘rounds,’ we dancers can participate in a sweat ceremony where clean water is poured onto red hot GrandFather rocks to release damp hot cleansing steam. In the throes of spiritual cleansing we ‘seekers’ direct our focus to singing. My voice joins with other participants as ancient music carries me through the dance days as my awareness is honed, much like the others.

  • All Mother Earth’s Beings can go without food and even water for short lengths of time, but not this element
  • Creator freely gives this most potent of medicines
  • Each Being has the same opportunity to the Breath of Life
  • Do you, dear reader, think of our atmosphere as inalienable to you, your family, friends, country and our world?

Pollution evolution

Pollution wasn’t in global conscience yet in 1980 when I first heard the phrase ‘acid rain.’ From that short span of time pollution awareness has evolved to the point where news bureaus and YouTube video clips share all manner of incidences involving the affects of air, the latest are the strings of ‘super storms’ happening nowadays one after another…

We have home-sized equipment to clean up any old household mess. Do we have global-sized cleaning equipment to heal protect and save Creator’s elements on Mother Earth that reverberate her aliveness?

I often wonder what we can all do to make clean air a possibility beyond our homes, like for our villages, towns, cities, nations and Mother Earth too. Do you these thoughts visit you?

I wonder, is there a Clean Air Act in your country yet? I wonder if they make a difference…

Air rises to global conscience for protection in legislation

Prayer for our air element

Thank you Creator for your gift of our Breath of Life

Thank you air element for:
Your reason for Being
Your teachings
Your gifts of knowing to raise 2-leggeds to Respect and protection

Oh-Ho! All my relations....

To PLANTS from air

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