The Winged Ones

Native American teachings

The winged ones are Creators gift to Mother Earth. Native American cultures symbolize different Beings with wings in stylized abstract designs, like eagles, ravens, etc., they're in our historical stories of origin and survival too. Stylized designs respect their abilities and their help to our people. If/when you’re in Canada you can see our traditional cultural designs on different mediums such as the murals on the outside walls of civic buildings and carvings inside federal and provincial buildings too. And yes, you can still see traditional designs in First Nations communities all along our northwest coast of BC, Canada. You get the idea that the winged’s are unique, right?

You probably already know that the ones with wings are set apart from other of Creator’s species by their feathers. Besides that, Creator blessed them with unmatched grace to dive dart and soar in Mother Earth's skies. Each specie has their own unique music and daily, mating, parenting rituals and travel routes. Creator's gift to the ones with wings is to grace Mother Earth with spiritual music

Click the white arrowhead in the video clip below and listen to the winged’s magical chorus of music:

Even today, winged ones help 2-leggeds. For instance if you pay attention when you're out hiking in the forest, you’ll be able to hear their warning calls to you too. And that’s not all of the ways they spark our imagination. They’ve contributed to our history of aviation because their ability to fly great distances appealed to pioneers like the Wright Brothers. And today some flights offer Wi-Fi service! But back to our winged’s.

Because the winged’s are central in Native American historical stories of origin and survival we have clan symbols, like the Eagle Clan, the Raven Clan, the Hawk Clan, the Crow Clan, the Owl Clan, the Hummingbird Clan, etc.

In B.C. Canada along our northwest coast, different community are extinct due to Euopean diseases brought at the turn of the century. For instance, during that time our X’aisla community went from thirteen different main and sub-clans to three surviving main clans and three sub-clans because our population went from three thousand to two hundred. Our clans and sub-clans today are:

  • the Eagle and Raven Clans
  • the Beaver Clan
  • the Fish, Killer Whale and Black Fish Clans

X'aisla rain forest

Not so long ago, our X’aisla rain forest homelands were pristine and undisturbed by municipal and multinational corporations. In that setting our people traveled up and down our coastline throughout our entire territory in huge hand hewn canoes to gather endless varieties of plentiful natural organic and healthy foods that were also understood to be life ‘medicines.’ Foods were gathered during spring summer and fall for year-long food stores. Different foods were preserved in traditional recipes for winter stores of daily food supplies and for contributions to community events. Prized traditional cultural recipes were served at community winter feasts, and passed down in families. Families were known for their specific and prized recipes.

Click the light green arrow below to hear our X’aisla pronunciation for our phrase, ‘Hum-ja-chi's X’aisli-xo’ in the story below. Our phrase means 'dinner plate of the X’aisla.' What fun huh?
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My Dad loved sharing about his growing-up years in our X'aisla rain forest. He said, “Our name for our Kitamaat River is “Hum-ja-chi's X’aisli-xo,” because that’s where we went all year round to gather our different land and ocean foods. Besides all of our homelands, our river was a main food source. In the fall we hunted ducks and wild geese. There was always an abundance of healthy food, so our people were healthy. Our people gathered different edible wild plants for food and medicines.

In springtime there were so many different winged ones singing all day starting at sun-up and all at the same time that it was impossible to hear yourself think!”

My parents true stories always sparked my imaginings. Can you imagine that dear reader?

Do you think the winged’s numbers are definitely down? It’s still a blessing to hear a them sing-in our morning daybreak and to see bald eagles dip dive and soar; and in some parts of B.C., eagles still gather for their annual conference. But even when I was child we saw and heard countless flocks filling our skies near and far in their V-formation.

Read the text in this fun video clip. You may need to increase your screen size (hold down Ctrl and tap the ‘plus’ + sign, and to pause the clip, click the grey double bars at the bottom black bar) :

Mother Earth’s winged ones inhabit continents from Antarctica to the North Pole and even Mother Earth’s heart (our oceans).

Some birds fly great distances to visit different parts of Mother Earth. There are exceptions though like New Zealand's nocturnal Kiwi bird with wings yet can't fly and they make a unique sound heard usually at night...Have a listen click right here to hear New Zealand's Kiwi bird

Now come here to hear Turtle Island’s bald eagle

Creators ones with wings have been on Mother Earth for millions of years so of course they have their own ancestors. Giant Winged Ones are extinct like the Thunderbird, Dodo’s, Phororhacos, the Great Auk, and Diatryma. (Source: Wikipedia)

As 2-legged's, we contribute directly to the Winged Ones demise. Along with countless other of Creator’s creature’s they suffer and die from oil spills and other Mother Earth altering economic commercial activity that permanently damage their habitat.

According to, “Recent studies have determined the main reason for extinction are: loss of habitat due to development by humans….”

Here's a quote is from the World Conservation Union (IUCN) where in reference to the winged’s it states that, "...classifies 168 species as having critical conservation status (50%) possibility of becoming extinct within 5 years and 235 species as endangered (20% probability of extinction within 20 years)." ICU releases and regularly updates lists of rare birds.

According to, in it's reference to the beings with wings, "...there is an increase in the number of species threatened with extinction."

Birds live in harmony in their environment without destroying it. They have no defense against 2-leggeds commercial activity.

The winged ones have lessons and teachings for 2-leggeds.

Winged Ones rise en masse to global conscience for protection in legislation.

Prayer for winged ones

Thank you Creator for gifting Mother Earth with ones that fly

Winged Ones, thank you for
Your reason for Being
Your grace, agility and blessed music
Your gifts of knowing to raise 2-leggeds to Respect and Caring
Oh-Ho! All my relations.

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