4:30 a.m. Prayer

by Bett
(Keremeos, BC, Canada)

Thank you Creator! For your great Blessing of Conscience
Thank you GrandFather Sun! For protecting Life with your warmth
Thank you GrandMother Moon! For your gift of Fertility
Thank you Mother Earth! For your gift of air, water, plants
Thank you Creator for blessing Mother Earth with 4-leggeds, the Winged-Ones, the Ocean Dwellers, the ones that creep and crawl,
Thank you countless universes! For welcoming our existence
Thank you Ancestors into infinity, for your gift of magic
Thank you to my parents for giving me the gift of Life
Thank you to my extended family on Mother Earth and in our Spirit world for all your gifts
Thank you to my children, grand children and great grand children, you are Hope
Thank you creator for delivering all 2-leggeds to Conscience
Ah Ho! All my Relations!

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Dec 27, 2017
My Prayer
by: Bett

Creator oh Great One; Thank you for blessing Mother Earth with Life; Thank you for Grandmother Moon; Thank you for Grandfather Sun; Thank you for our Milky Way galaxy; Thank you for my mother Phyllis Annie Shaw-Robinson; Thank you for my dad William Gordon Robinson; Thank you for my Aunties, Uncles and cousins; Thank you for my sisters Judy and Bonna; my brothers Philip, Mark, Earl. Thank you for my beautiful Life-giver daughters Tauni, Koby and Halie; Thank you for my grandchildren Clint, Braedon, Chad, Jordan; Thank you for my Life-giver granddaughter Delaney; Thank you for my great grandchild Michelle; Thank you for my good heart-chums; Thank you for Love; Thank you for your gift of Life; Thank you for Mother Earth's heart, our oceans, Thank you for her veins and capillaries, our rivers and streams; Thank you for 4-legged's, winged ones, the ones that swim, the creepies and crawlies. I raise my hands in Thanks to you Creator for your gift of Being...

Nov 11, 2015
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Oct 16, 2015
by: Andrew Mathews

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Oct 09, 2015
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Apr 16, 2015
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Jan 23, 2015
Ancient Ones
by: BT

our Ancient Ones gift us to:
life to abundance
spiritual sight beyond limitations
music to joy
voice hearts alive
presence to fidelity
heart to follow
feelings to love
silence to journey
insight to empathy
understand to Conscience

Dec 01, 2013
Best Prayer, includes my own thoughts
by: June

I love this prayer.

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