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I notice on the YouTube search engine that Native American/First Nations cultural spiritual teachings stoke our global tipping point alive to Unity for the first time in our shared history; you noticed that? There are many First Nations issues based on historical ones to re-dress for Trust to benefit each and all member's of Mother Earth's family! An awakening for sure! On this site you’ll harvest some understanding to join our global swell of diverse folks such as the existing international gathering of supporters at Standing Rock, U.S. of A. to defend protect nurture & demand that our existing system of governance not take for granted nor destroy, but to Protect our shared inheritance of Mother Earth's sacred gift's of clean air, water and land for all 2-legged's (humans) & each member in her diverse interconnected family of Beings. It's really a Blessed event, don't you think? I don't think my own Dad would've understood the global electronic inter-connection today that connects us no matter where we happen to be. Anyhow, he got pretty demanding when I tried answer his query about the computer & screen to which his ever-ready query burst out: 'But HOW! How does it do it?" Exasperated...poor thing. I only knew enough to get us into mind-bending trouble. Anyhow, I better stay on topic. On this site I share from my personal experience to hopefully & respectfully deepen & broaden your understanding to tickle your delicious imaginings beyond your comfort zone yet safely. Don't get me wrong though, I truly Believe that each of us has the intrinsic right to exist to our absolute full magic to stand in our own Truth. Now I know just what you may be thinking, the food thing. Here's a real-life example. I met First Nations Dene women. They each hire a small plane, pack up their hunting & camping gear & go off by their own selves, no one around! And yeah, they sure do know how to use the gun. They set up tent, make a cup of tea to sit & wait for a caribou to offer itself. And one does! Yeah! I guess you noticed that a good safe way to shift in Conscience, is to relax into a good story of our spiritual Life-giver (Woman) awareness & more importantly: Enjoy! and Welcome!

A Woman Deity

The first teaching is the foundation so let's just introduce you to a tickle's worth of virtues, and a dollop of life-missions to embrace. Com'on! Jump on board! Let's stoke your creative interest. I know, I know, my daughter tell's me all the time that I'm bossy, yup....Firstly. Turtle Island is our entire north american continent that is blessed with a visit from a Holy Life-Giver & Supreme Being, White Buffalo Calf Woman sent by command and Decree by Creator HERself to our people, way way way far and away before the arrival of Europeans to our homelands. Her ancient ceremony's of sacred circle spiritual teachings give Hope & Guidance to sustain us through mind-boggling legislated generational Apartheid. At the Grandfather Sun page in a short video clip you’ll meet Chief Arvol Looking Horse the 19th generation ‘Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe’ with an urgent message to Spiritual leaders & everyday folks to come together in unified spirituality to fulfill an ancient prophecy of global peace for the sake of future generations of all Beings.

Ancient Ceremony's

Native American sacred circle ceremonies are the absolute oldest on Turtle Island and play a vital & essential role in our culture as spirituality is integral to our very Being to connect our Spirit to this reality. Other common names for this particular teaching include the:
    • Sacred Hoop
    • Web of Life
    • The Sacred Circle

    Ceremony participation by private invitation only include the Sun Dance and others; those open to the general public include the Sweat, Potlatch and of course Pow-wow's.

    Three Tenets

    • Universal: across time, across cultures
    • Holistic: to honor Creator's Gift of Life to all Beings as intimately interconnected
    • Individualistic: only ever in a good way to be simultaneously independent yet connected to Mother Earth


    • Love and Healing
    • Respect and Unity
    • Truth and Fairness
    • Harmony and Balance
    • Relations and Generosity
    • Humility and Understanding


    • Our Vision is to Future Centuries
    • Our Future is Global Unity
    • Our Global Responsibility is to Protect Mother Earth and her Family of Beings

    Spiritual Freedom

    Today we each stake claim to our freedom of choice to dive deep into sacred circle wisdom, to soar high, as we wish. Welcome! Come explore my journey, experience, understandings and most humble of knowledge through my lens & perspective... Click the blue font links below for more info on each topic

    A Sidebar of info for you

    For your information, in ceremonial circles the entire continent of North America is known as ‘Turtle Island.’ First Nation's are the pre-Columbian peoples of the America's & our descendants. Each First nation are collectively referred to in the U.S. as the 'Native Americans;' in Canada we are the 'First Nations.' This website uses both terms.

    Native American/First Nations ideology takes shape and form across Mother Earth to protect and nurture on our global scale.
    GrandMother Moon
    Women are ‘Daughters of GrandMother Moon' and are 'Life-givers' to future generations.
    GrandFather Sun ceremony attracts spiritual seekers from all walks of life.
    Every night without fail our heavenly cosmos of Star Beings twinkle silently into our view.
    animal totem designs
    Animal totem designs of Native Americans are from cultural spiritual ceremonies. Today designs are everywhere and on everything...
    Animal Totems - 4-LEGGEDS
    Animal Totems - 4-leggeds is about gifts, teachings, intelligence, understanding and abilities of Creators four-legged Beings. Their spirituality is intrinsic.
    Winged Ones
    Winged Ones are symbolized in abstract stylized designs in Native American and First Nations culture.
    Ocean Dwellers
    Ocean Dwellers are the Beings living in Mother Earth's heart: our oceans!
    Native American Medicines
    Native American Medicines respected in ceremony are the greatest gifts from Creator to Mother Earth to nurture every Being. Think on these questions: 1. What do future centuries inherit?
    Native American medicine WATER
    Native American Medicine WATER is used in ceremony. Water is Life. Folks train for years for the right and knowledge to use Pure Clean Water's potency in sacred spiritual ceremony.
    Air is a potent agent in Native American ceremony.
    Natural wild plants are used in ceremony, daily life, healing and vision quests. They have good magic to share. Creator gifted them with the strength of wisdom and power to heal our spirit, emotions,
    Our life cycle is identical to all Mother Earth’s family of Beings. At the Medicine quadrant, be ready and plan your transitions.
    Red Road
    We come to the Red Road in our own way. Sometimes Creator takes over and brings our feet to where our heart and soul needs to be. After years of active searching then giving up,
    The 'BLACK ROAD' is a life-style of unproductive life-style patterns. And! Medicine Wheel Teachings are a tested, trusted, personal and private tool to guide safe change.
    WILL POWER in Medicine Wheel Teachings
    Will Power is a most interesting discovery of Life-long learning about your most intriguing subject: you!
    Death Awareness LIFE IS PRECIOUS
    Death awareness hones attention to Life. In Medicine Wheel teachings, Life is Precious.
    My SBI Story
    Successful income-making websites for everyday folks. Here's my sbi story about how it happened for me. Want a turn?
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